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Behind-the-Scenes on Hollywood’s Biggest Night

PARADE’s Jeanne Wolf got the inside scoop on the red carpet and backstage at the Academy Awards.


I had to giggle when I heard a cameraman say to Warren Beatty, “Excuse me, could you please step back from your wife? I want to get a photo of Annette’s dress.” Warren, one of Hollywood’s legendary stars, stood quietly waiting while his wife got the face time from the photogs.

Annette Bening & Warren Beatty

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Oscar Teases With Promises, Seduces With High Expectations

Jeanne Wolf spends the night on the red carpet at the Academy Awards with a handsome guy. That would be Oscar, who’s celebrating his 83rd birthday. A look back at some memorable moments plus Wolfgang Puck showing you what the hungry stars chow down on after the show.