Rocky Carroll’s Toughest Actor to Direct? Mark Harmon!

Rocky Carroll and Mark Harmon NCIS

Rocky Carroll is having fun on NCIS, the most watched show on TV. He’s looking forward to a guest appearance on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans both for the opportunity to play his character with a different cast and to feast on some great food in The Big Easy.
But even more delicious – he’s continuing to direct episodes of NCIS and Rocky told me that one of the show’s stars won’t stop giving him grief!
Rocky: Mark Harmon, who is my biggest supporter and probably one of the main reasons I’ve been allowed to direct but I have to say that he has a lot of fun while I’m in the director’s chair.
Jeanne: Oh come on! Give me an example.
RC: He’s a real prankster, a real pain in the ass when I’m directing and he enjoys it. He loves to see me squirm. Let’s just put it that way. Any chance he can get to make me squirm in the chair, he’ll do it. He’s great though. Everybody is. They’re terrific.
JW: I’m sure everyone stands behind you as a director.
RC: It doesn’t hurt to have been on the show for nine seasons and to have that kind of camaraderie. I tell people that being a director is like being the royal wedding planner. You don’t realize how many details go into making an episode and the questions are nonstop. As an actor, you show up and go to makeup then your trailer until they call you to set. The director is just nonstop.
JW: So many actors have said to me that when they directed it made them such a better actor.
RC: It is true. I think every actor should have to do it. It’s like being in the Israeli army. You should have to do it for at least one year. I promise that you’ll never be late to set. When they ask you to go into hair and makeup, you’ll go. As a director, you have to wait for everyone to get ready and when you’re an actor, you don’t realize. When you’re the director, it changes everything.
You can see Rocky’s NCIS episode, Off the Grid, tonight on CBS at 8pm!

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