Robert Osborne Shared More Than Just The Movies












Robert Osborne had an elegant style and a way of introducing movies that enticed you not to change the channel.

“I’ve been always crazy about movies and always tried to get other people interested in them.  Because I think it’s doing people a great favor.  You know, you’re not asking somebody to take poison or something when you try to get them to see a movie that’s wonderful, you’re trying to open them up to this whole world that’s out there in this particular film that they might not be aware of.”

Osborne had lots of fans who praised him for not giving away the plot of the movie he was describing on “Turner Classic Movies.” He liked when his fans shared that they trusted his knowledge and his opinions.

He told me that it was a surprise to discover how personal his appearances were to his viewers: “I didn’t realize that, besides being a storyteller, in some ways I was being a nurse to people. We get so much mail and emails from people that have been ill or going through a divorce or going through the problems of being unemployed or something like that. You realize that you’re filling a void in their life by giving them something entertaining to make them feel a little better. I find that fascinating.”

Robert was a classic.

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