Taking on Demons and the Supreme Court – Ruth Negga Does It All

In 2010, Ruth Negga became the National Theatre’s first ever black Ophelia. However, she’s made her television mark in the States with roles pulled from much different source material than Shakespearean plays – comic books. First, as Raina in ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and then as Tulip O’Hare in the DC property and new AMC series, ‘Preacher.’ Now she’s bringing history to life on the big screen as Mildred Loving in ‘Loving.’ The film is based on a true story about the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, which invalidated state laws prohibiting interracial marriage, and is already generating Oscar buzz.

That sort of visibility doesn’t go unnoticed. I asked Ruth what it would mean to have the movie honored on such a large stage:

“It would be awesome,” she said laughing at the prospect. “The great thing about awards is that it draws attention to your film and in doing so will draw attention to this couple. They stand for – I think – what’s great about America. You can have many identities and still be quintessentially American.”

If there’s one thing Ruth Negga understands better than most it’s occupying many different identities. As an actress, she’s nothing short of a chameleon. Her portrayal of Tulip O’Hare in ‘Preacher’ is a complete 180 from Mildred Loving. Seth Rogen, one of the executive producers of ‘Preacher,’ said that Negga “takes things that aren’t even meant to be funny and makes them funnier” – high praise from one of America’s most recognizable funny men.

While ‘Preacher’ still waits for word on if there will be a second season, I don’t predict Ruth Negga will be going away anytime soon. If you see her name popping up on Oscar ballots next year, don’t forget that Jeanne told you first!

Isabelle Huppert Goes For Revenge Against A Rapist

Isabelle Huppert is surrounded by shocking surprises in “Elle.” After she is brutally abused, Huppert lays a suspenseful trap for her attacker. She told me why she doesn’t feel as brave and daring as the woman she plays.

Not Even John Lithgow Imagined Himself Playing Winston Churchill

Jeanne with John Lithgow

You won’t believe Lithgow as Winston Churchill. Even he didn’t! In my interview with him for The Saturday Evening Post he told me, “I would never cast myself as Winston Churchill but when Steven Daldry cast me as Winston Churchill, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.”

Love Has A Lot To Do With It

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga play a couple taking their case for interracial marriage to the Supreme Court in “Loving.” It’s history but it’s also moving story about the power of love.

The Real Way the Election is Being Rigged

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” entertained and engaged me. It also thoroughly frightened me by exposing evidence of extreme hanky-panky surrounding efforts to suppress votes.
The approach is clever and appealing – so much that it can take us away from the message. The attention-getting style is fun in the way that “The Big Short” and Michael Moore took on significant subjects with statistics and smirks. The resources and research are very compelling and extremely terrifying. If we know about the dirty tricks and tricksters why isn’t more being done to clean up our voting system?
So, I say, see the film- it will make an impression. But don’t stop there. Pay attention and help shine a light on every horrific plot to deny the dignity and the vote to thousands of people.