Brandy Reveals Wanting Never to Wake Up Again Before Her Come-back

Brandy is climbing the charts with her new album “Two Eleven” and a hit single “Put It Down” with superstar Chris Brown. She tells Jeanne Wolf how desperate she was in the dark days. Brandy also has some surprising advice for Chris Brown as he struggles with personal problems of his own.

Arnold Schwartzenegger’s telling the whole truth his way

As Arnold’s new tell all book ramps up for release next week, the web explodes about the juicy details about the former governor’s private life.

Could Richard Gere be a scumbag?

Richard Gere plays a Wall Street tycoon who does some pretty nasty things in “Arbitrage.”  Gere admits he got a feeling of deja vu` as he tapped into his own dark side. Now, he’s following the lead of his ninety-year-old dad who showed him what it means to be “a true heart.”

Shia LaBeouf is going for real sex on screen

Shia LaBeouf is a bootlegger in “Lawless” who takes big risks while helping his family make moonshine. He’s taking a bigger risk in his next film “Nymphomaniac,” from controversial director Lars Von Trier.  LaBeouf reveals how he feels about not only taking off his clothes but not faking it in the sex scenes.