Tom Ford Gave Armie Hammer a Makeover

Armie Hammer and Wife

Talk about perfectly groomed hotties. Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson who co-star in Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals” accompanied fashion-designer-turned-film-director Tom Ford to a soiree to hype the dark thriller at Mr. Chow’s. Hammer was wearing perfectly fitting black jeans and a trendy black sweater while Taylor-Johnson wore a neatly tailored dark suit that he showed off from the Tom Ford collection. The young celebs were dressed to kill and I was sure they did it for Ford. The handsome director admitted to me that he cared a lot about how his stars looked, especially Hammer. “When I met him, I told him to lose fifteen pounds for the movie and he did. He was too good looking to have that extra weight. And, of course, the way he looked on film mattered very much. Then Hammer revealed Ford’s control of fashion on the film set. “I’m going to get in trouble for telling you this,” laughed Hammer as he sipped his martini topped with two perfect olives. “When my character is not as suave and fashionable at the start of the movie Tom told me he’d dress me in Brooks Brothers. Then when I got rich and fancy and stylish he put me in all Tom Ford clothes.” Note his Ford suit with his wife at the premiere of “Nocturnal Animals.”
Ford’s fashion sense is all over “Nocturnal Animals” from the sets to the cinematography. But, more important, he delivers a stunning and suspenseful cliffhanger that will leave you limp. It’s way more than the look and feel of the movie that gets you, it’s the powerful story.
By the way Ford was wearing signature black suit, white shirt, collar pin, and tie. Armie swore and Tom affirmed that he dressed like that every day on the set – except the desert scenes where he was in boots, jeans, and a chapeau from his own cowboy hat collection. Ford may be Paris and Madison Avenue now but he’s a Texas boy at heart.

Jeanne Wolf with Tom Ford