Phillipe Petit on The Twin Towers

How do you dance across a wire between the Twin Towers? Very carefully Joseph Gordon- Levitt found out while filming “The Walk”. The original wire walker of that perilous journey, Philippe Petit, showed Levitt how to do it. I asked Petit how much he misses his beloved towers.

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Jeanne Wolf Remembers Her Friend, Jackie Collins, on BBC One

Jackie Collins lived an interesting life. She made it interesting! RIP to my friend.

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The Gratitude Project Featured on Time

The Gratitude Project

Doing these interviews and putting together this piece was such a treat for me. Think about how often you stop and reflect on what you’re grateful for – it’s true for celebs too! I received so many thoughtful answers from Hollywood A-listers and I was delighted.

Check out the full video and write up on the project: The Gratitude Project on Time

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Jeanne Wolf on the Tragic Passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown

I joined BBC Breakfast to discuss the tragic passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown. It’s hard to say out loud that she’s gone. The tragic waste has so many people grieving and wondering.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Punched For Real

Jake Gyllenhaal is already chasing Oscar gold in “Southpaw” for his sensational performance as a boxing champion trying to stay on top. He tells Jeanne Wolf the price he paid was taking plenty of hard hits in the bruising fight scenes.

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