Ewan McGregor Dares To Play Jesus Christ in Last Days In The Desert

Ewan McGregor ventures into the desert in Last Days In The Desert. The actor takes on the role of both Jesus Christ and The Devil in this film about doubt, temptation, and the role of God in our lives.

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Garrison Keillor In the New Issue of Saturday Evening Post

Garrison Keillor told me: “We were not in show business. My parents brought me up thinking it was wrong to go to shows. Then suddenly, I became one.”
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All Around the World They’re Talking About George Clooney!

George Clooney’s stature as one of Hollywood’s most in demand men has led to worldwide fame but in this segment I did for ET Arabia, it’s his humanitarian pursuits that are in the spotlight.

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I Remember Prince on Sky News

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RIP Prince or Rest The Way You Dream

Prince Performing

I am hearing people shocked and questioning and unable to process his sudden death. There are lots of questions but his camp has said that he had been suffering from the flu. Now TMZ and some other outlets are reporting that he was supposedly treated in a hospital, not for the flu but a drug overdose and that he received a “safe” shot which are given to people who have overdosed – without specifying what kind of drug. I can’t say that was 100 per cent confirmed but, so far, TMZ has often been right. The question remains, how did he die.

Prince was always very mysterious. My memories of him run the gamut from Sin City to Miami.

I was front and center in Las Vegas when he opened a club there and came on stage saying something like, ‘I love Vegas.’ People were looking at each other, applauding and saying, ‘Wow, Prince talked.’ But he didn’t say another word. He gave a fabulous performance and then walked off to a wave of applause.

Prince liked being enigmatic. It was part teasing, having a little fun with us. He rarely gave anybody, even Oprah Winfrey, straight answers. He didn’t care if people called him weird or strange, not to mention sexy, it amused him. I think behind that persona he created, he felt he was probably more normal then he seemed. He loved his peers from Madonna to Michael Jackson but he was always very competitive.

Which brings me to Miami. I was at his so-called “last concert” in Miami at the Orange Bowl in 1985. I guess few of us thought this was his final performance but it was a great one. This rather small man grew huge when he stepped on stage in front of thousands of people, radiating sexuality.

Of course, his retirement was short-lived. The Superbowl in Miami in the midst of his half-time performance in the rain. People were wondering if the show could go on. Prince made it happen. He said, ‘Let it rain and make it purple.’

I’ve had my own purple moments, when I felt a little outside of the mainstream, and I’ll always have Prince to remind me that you don’t have to be in step with the rest of the band to be out front.

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