Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett Get Lego-ized!

Elizabeth Banks is dating Batman who sounds a lot like Will Arnett. Why aren’t they getting along? Jeanne Wolf checks out the ups and downs of their relationship in the first ever The Lego Movie. It’s a wild ride as the world of Lego faces up to a rule-making tyrant. Banks and Arnett agree there’s only one way to fight back. Don’t be afraid to break the rules in 3D animation or life.

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Mark Wahlberg Had A Near Death Scare On Set

On the set of Lone Survivor, an explosion came way too close to comfort for Mark Wahlberg… and he was not happy about it.

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Jeanne on Jeff Randall Live

Elvis was the first one to twerk and he’s still getting paid for it.

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Casey Affleck in the Middle of a Real-Life Brawl

Casey Affleck throws out some mean punches in bare-knuckle fights to the finish in ‘Out of the Furnace.’ Off screen, he almost had to do it for real when he had to break up a wild scuffle between a bunch of teenagers.

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Chris Hemsworth Talks Being both a Daddy and a Super-Hero

Chris Hemsworth shows his softer side as a Daddy after destroying a lot of bad guys in “Thor: The Dark World.” I met Chris’s adorable daughter and he revealed to me that getting silly with her is the best part of life. He leaves no doubt that being a super-hero takes second place.

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