There are important teachers in our lives: Elie Wiesel tried to teach us about love and about justice

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel earned his legacy with eye-opening words of tragic truth and elegant protest.

He told me, “When I look back on 1945 I think we were so hopeful. We thought the world had learned a great lesson- justice would prevail. If anyone told me then that we would see widespread hate in the world again, I would not have believed it. Now I know those things can happen again. Wherever you turn there is war, racism, colonialism, hunger, and humiliation, on a collective level. People forget. There is Antisemitism – even though mankind has the tools more than ever to communicate principals and educate each other. I’m not so concerned about the fate of the Jewish People. I’m concerned over the fate of the world. If this kind of hatred is possible, the world is in poor shape.”

“We need respect for one another. RESPECT for the pluralistic view of society. Respect for another person’s sorrow, another person’s joy, another person’s silence. We need respect for God and for ourselves, perhaps.”

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Compassion Project PSA

Careful… this is an upsetting video but animal lovers are speaking out and I want to help. If you are an animal lover, this will shake you up. Brave friends are trying to create awareness.

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Alexander Skarsgård Gets Something Off His Chest

I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. From True Blood to his new role in The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgård has a hard time keeping his shirt on! I can’t really blame him. The Muscle and Fitness cover boy can really rock a set of abs.

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Elle Fanning Unleashes Her Dark Side in “The Neon Demon”

Elle Fanning goes from innocent to diabolic in Nick Refn’s lurid and horrific take on the world of fashion. Elle told me why even her friends were shocked by the evil she displayed on screen.

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Rare Birds Of Hollywood: Rita Wilson


It’s easy to get really close to Rita Wilson when she steps on stage. Last night I watched Rita perform at The Troubadour in Los Angeles (part of her spring tour) to a packed audience. She truly connected to each person in the room. Even though she’s a star who’s married to Tom Hanks it was all about the music when she belts out a song. She sang to the crowd as if each of us were the only one there.

Her songs and her stories about her husband and her family are very personal. Rita’s personality, on and off stage, is open and direct. She has a big singing voice and the emotional and vocal range to touch the crowd, one at a time. There was loud applause, there were giggles and there were sighs. John Stamos in the front row of the balcony was clapping his hands and tapping his toes. I was frankly enchanted.

Many of her numbers were from her latest album, “Rita Wilson.” She co-wrote the songs about love, and friends, and life’s ups and downs with many well known artists. She shared private thoughts and she danced and let her stylish sequin top swing to the music with confidence and fun. Big laughs when she belted out “Not Gonna Take No Shit.” Rita said she wanted to reveal all sides of herself and she proved it.

At the after party Tom was bragging to me, “See how good she is. That’s how they used to do rock and roll!” He was in a grand mood. “Uh oh,” he called out, greeting Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos and wife, Ann, “The Greeks are here!”

No one was having more fun than Rita. “You know I could sing all night,” she grinned. “And I’m not kidding about that.” We would have all stayed to listen.

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