Larry David is no Trump!

So we’d all like to compare Trump with some one who makes us laugh instead of scream out loud. I asked Larry David at TCA for HBO: “On your show, you crack us up doing things we all know you shouldn’t do. Now our president says things he shouldn’t every day. We just don’t laugh. Is that competition?”

Larry’s quick answer: “I don’t consider myself a prick!”

Click the picture for Peggy Noonan’s WSJ article: “Trump Is Woody Allen Without the Humor”

Luke Skywalker Fell in Love with Brigsby Bear

I don’t even want to say anything that might possibly spoil this movie. It’s weird, it’s shocking, it’s heartfelt. You must go see it. You didn’t watch any shows like “Brigsby Bear” when you were a kid!

Jenny Slate Knows All About Sex Scenes

In Landline, it’s 1995 and Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn play two sisters in a very dysfunctional family. Jenny provided sisterly advice to Abby on and off screen – especially where the movie’s many sex scenes were concerned!

Rare Birds of Hollywood: The Astounding Elisabeth Moss

“When you see Moss back on the red carpet at the Emmys in September, you can expect some kind of political statement. “There will probably be a pin or a ribbon involved,” she says, giggling. “Or maybe I’ll just wear a giant ACLU ribbon and a really good spray tan.” Click the image for the full story.

The Big Sick Turns Heckling into Romance

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon wrote The Big Sick, the standout favorite of this summer’s moviegoers, based on their real life courtship. It’s true. They first met after Emily heckled Kumail on stage.