Queen Victoria Seeks the Company of a Younger Man

Victoria and Abdul is another command performance from Judi Dench. The Oscar-winning actress returns to her royalty roots but tells me the one thing that would make her give it all.

Elle Fanning Takes A Big Leap!

Elle Fanning pursues her dream of stardom as a ballerina in “Leap.” She’s not doing a pas de deux for real just voicing a feisty little girl in the empowering animated story of what it takes to achieve your goal. But Elle explains why she could identify.

Jeremy Renner Conquers Emotions and a Snowmobile

Jeremy Renner delivers one of his best ever performances in Wind River as a game warden trying to escape his tragic past while searching for an Indian girl’s killer. Renner found it tough sledding but his reward was giving co-star Elizabeth Olsen the ride of her life on a speeding snowmobile.