It’s not easy becoming a woman warrior which meant Woodley kicked, punched and jumped her way through some tough scenes. The worst was having real flames lick at her legs. Then she faced locking lips with hunky co-star Theo James.

Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett Get Lego-ized!

Elizabeth Banks is dating Batman who sounds a lot like Will Arnett. Why aren’t they getting along? Jeanne Wolf checks out the ups and downs of their relationship in the first ever The Lego Movie. It’s a wild ride as the world of Lego faces up to a rule-making tyrant. Banks and Arnett agree there’s only one way to fight back. Don’t be afraid to break the rules in 3D animation or life.

Casey Affleck in the Middle of a Real-Life Brawl

Casey Affleck throws out some mean punches in bare-knuckle fights to the finish in ‘Out of the Furnace.’ Off screen, he almost had to do it for real when he had to break up a wild scuffle between a bunch of teenagers.