Daveed Diggs Skips Song and Dance for a Powerful Role in “Wonder”

Daveed Diggs was a star in the history making hit musical “Hamilton.” Now he takes on a very different part in “Wonder.” He’s a teacher trying hard to help a boy with a facial disfigurement find acceptance He reveals how acting with young Jacob Tremblay (“Room”) who won’t give in to being different changed his own outlook on life.

Bryan Cranston Searches for Meaning in War Past and Present in a Bittersweet Road Story

Bryan Cranston co-stars with Steve Carrell and Laurence Fishburne in “Last Flag Flying.” The Vietnam vets are on a journey to take a son who died in Iraq away from Arlington Cemetery to a burial back home. Cranston powers the compelling mix of deeply felt emotion and dark humor directed by Richard Linklater.

The Long Road Home – A War Story That Hits You in the Heart

ABC’s Martha Raddatz went deep for an up close and personal look at men fighting for their lives. The Nat Geo drama series based on her best-seller puts you in the middle of a platoon of U.S. Army peacekeepers ambushed and trapped in a Baghdad neighborhood. You’ll feel their courage and also the love and fear of families back home wondering if they survived.

The Amazing Story of Jane Goddall’s Love Affair with Chimps

“Jane” is a stunning personal glimpse of what led Jane Goodall to spend years in Africa living with and studying chimpanzees. The documentary, directed by Brett Morgen features never before seen footage and a beautiful score by Phillip Glass, all driven by the power and infectious spirit of Goodall.