Steve Carell’s Last Wish is Junk Food

Steve Carrell faces his last days on earth in “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.”  What would take the edge off?  Carrell confesses it would be deep fried.  He was really close to the actress who plays the wife who deserts him.  That’s the real-life Mrs. Carrell and Steve insists she’s still missing.

Ray Bradbury…off to another dimension!

Ray Bradbury

RIP. Bad health is the only thing that could stop Ray Bradbury. Wildly successful writer and maybe the best story teller on this or any other planet. He was so much fun. He told me that he thought being born in the twenties helped his imagination, “I saw so many things develop and happen that nobody thought could happen. ‘New media’ fascinated him but he warned: “With all this new space to create I hope they just don’t make more of that same crap that’s on TV now.”

Talked to KNXT radio today: Stories on the life of Ray Bradbury on KNX

Michael Chiklis goes up in smoke

Michael Chiklis confesses how he ended up co-starring in the raunchy stoner comedy “High School” which brought back some real life youthful memories. And he reveals why he thinks it’s time to legalize marijuana.

Emma Thompson All Glammed Up and Talking Like an Alien

Emma Thompson is surrounded by ugly looking extraterrestrial critters in “Men in Black 3,” but she didn’t care. The Oscar winner looks gorgeous even when she’s speaking in alien tongues.