Megan Fox doesn’t pull punches on or off screen

Megan Fox once told me that she’s been misunderstood because she’s so direct and outspoken, ”I have been told to censor myself, so I tried but I’m really not succeeding at it.”

Megan proved that at the press conference for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” when she sounded off on people who hate on this movie and her run as an action movie babe, “Those people can complain, but they all go see [Producer Michael Bay’s] movies. They’re gonna love it and if they don’t love it they can go f**k off.” She wasn’t done there. Megan responded with equal acerbity to those who think her acting chops come from the wardrobe department, “I don’t feel ashamed or like I can’t be taken seriously while I’m wearing a tank top and if you don’t take me seriously while I’m wearing a tank top, that’s your f**king problem – not mine.”

Fox hasn’t been tamed yet, but she kept the language at a PG-13 level during her turn as April O’Neil. She has perfect chemistry with those heroic turtles and the audience almost couldn’t help but laugh and applaud.

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