Sly Is Excited about Creed, Not Doing Rambo for TV

Jeanne with Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is thrilled and “flabbergasted” at the success of ‘Creed’ and all the attention to his great work in the movie. “It changed everything,” he told me at the Fox holiday party at the home of chairman, Jim Gianopulos. “I’ve done ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’ and it’s inevitable that you start repeating yourself. So I’m looking for new things. I can’t do any more physical movies – I’ve had too many operations and too many scars. I want to do projects that are more profound. I’m ready to look at scripts and I’m ready to go to work with new energy. I never expected this kind of response.”

It’s been widely announced that Stallone would produce the ‘Rambo’ TV series and maybe even appear in the project. “Hey Jeanne, you could clear this up. I’m not a part of the series. I wish them great luck but they broke the news too soon. Not doing it.”

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RIP to My Friend, Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia and Tom Hanks in BIG

My friend, Robert Loggia has died and that’s sad news for me. A charming and witty guy, Loggia told me that strangers backed away from him in fear because he played “bad guys” so well in the movies. “I’ve killed many people on screen – but remember I’ve been killed a lot of times too.”

Even though people still quote the memorable drug lord he played in “Scarface,” my favorite scene of his is when he and Tom Hanks danced on the big piano keys in “Big.”

He was a serious acting student but Robert told me, “Acting can get in the way of reality in a movie.” His advice: “Don’t act it—DO IT!”

He “did it” in movie after movie – always believable and effective. He will be remembered with admiration and respect.

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LAX Has a New VIP Terminal – Jeanne Wolf on Sky News

I talked to Sky News about the new Los Angeles terminal for Celebs and VIPs willing to pay the price. There’s total privacy, a driver takes you right to the plane, and no pesky paparazzi! Next time you ask for a second bag of free pretzels on the plane, just think about those posh pals up front.

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Could Helen Mirren be Oscar’s Woman in Gold?

As awards season begins, don’t forget Helen Mirren in “Woman in Gold.” She delivered a powerful performance as a woman fighting against all odds to get back a priceless family painting stolen by Nazis.

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My Time at George Washington Prep through BAFTA-LA

Jeanne with Darryl McCane, Film Teacher at Washington Preparatory High School


Meet Darryl McCane.

He teaches film at Washington Preparatory High School. He is a fabulous “coach” with a spirit you feel at first hand shake (truth in reporting, I got a kiss and hug). He is the kind
of real star you want to show your children the way – on stage, in the classroom, and in life. He’s talented, hilarious, wise, and shares all of his energy with class after class of students who dare to get up and test out their creativity and their voices.

A big THANK YOU to Sharyn Ross and BAFTA for inviting me to come and trade
ideas with Mr. McCann’s cast of characters. Sharyn is a “regular” at
the school after years of volunteering. She laughs and claps and
guides. You can tell the kids adore her and respect her.

I was first hand witness to the life-impacting work BAFTA Los Angeles
does with its volunteer mentors. I’ll definitely be going back to “help” and get
more personal inspiration!

Here are just a few of the wonderful students I met in my time there:

Jeanne with students

GWPHS students reading their work

I gave them flashlights!



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