Kristen Stewart Gets Emotional

In the dystopian future of Kristen Stewart’s new film, “Equals” those who show emotion are cast out of society. Kristen says she knows well the pressure of having to hide her feelings in real life too.

Bryan Cranston’s New Secret Life

Bryan Cranston led a double life as a family man turned meth dealer in “Breaking Bad.” Now he goes deep undercover as a Federal Agent in “The Infiltrator” to help win the war on drugs.

Viggo Mortensen Takes Parenting To The Limit

How far can a Dad go to raise kids his way? Viggo Mortensen struggles with that question in “Captain Fantastic.” And he reveals he drew on his experiences walking the line of parenting with his own son.

There are important teachers in our lives: Elie Wiesel tried to teach us about love and about justice

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel earned his legacy with eye-opening words of tragic truth and elegant protest.

He told me, “When I look back on 1945 I think we were so hopeful. We thought the world had learned a great lesson- justice would prevail. If anyone told me then that we would see widespread hate in the world again, I would not have believed it. Now I know those things can happen again. Wherever you turn there is war, racism, colonialism, hunger, and humiliation, on a collective level. People forget. There is Antisemitism – even though mankind has the tools more than ever to communicate principals and educate each other. I’m not so concerned about the fate of the Jewish People. I’m concerned over the fate of the world. If this kind of hatred is possible, the world is in poor shape.”

“We need respect for one another. RESPECT for the pluralistic view of society. Respect for another person’s sorrow, another person’s joy, another person’s silence. We need respect for God and for ourselves, perhaps.”