Joy Lenz Stars in The Christmas Secret

Even if we didn’t check our list twice or that darn turkey won’t defrost most of us we’ll get through the holidays without overdoing the egg nog. A “Christmas Carol” became a holiday classic reminding us about those who’ll face a lot more. Now you can get a contemporary spin on the age old tale.

If you think Tiny Tim suffered, check out the Mom who struggles on “The Christmas Secret” December 7th on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. “One Tree Hill’s” Joy Lenz stars and she told me, “Hard times always seem worse at Christmas.” She’s not kidding. There’s the eviction, the unpaid bills and the ex- who wants custody of her little girl. But there’s something very compelling about her battle to keep it together while the rest of the world is ho-hoing.

Joy makes it and her story is a good reminder that a little help from unselfish people can make the difference. As Joy puts it, “It’s not about magic. It’s about people who randomly decide to be kind and their acts of generosity pay off.” Oh, and what about that dreamy guy (John Reardon) she meets? Watch on December 7th.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Becomes a WWII Hero With A Secret

I am still in love with Eddie Redmayne for his performance in The Theory of Everything but Benedict Cumberbatch really gives him a run for his money in The Imitation Game! Benedict’s turn as Alan Turning was beautiful and he found the role to be profoundly moving as well.

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Hilary Swank Stands Up For Women

Hilary Swank has played a couple tough roles of late. She followed her performance as an ALS patient in “You’re Not You” with her role as a tough frontierswoman in Tommy Lee Jones’ “The Homesman.” We talked about the similarity of the challenges women faced both in the Wild West and today.

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Eddie Redmayne Channels James Dean to Play Stephen Hawking

Eddie Redmayne literally transformed himself into the world famous physicist, Stephen Hawking, in “The Theory of Everything,” and he pulled some inspiration from an unlikely source to do so.

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Rene Russo Will Do Anything To Get Ahead

Rene Russo is a struggling news director in “Nightcrawler.” She uses real-life horror to hype sagging ratings. Rene tells Jeanne she understands putting morality and taste aside when you need a boost.

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