Denzel Washington: John Travolta Is 'Struggling' With Loss

Denzel Washington goes head to head with John Travolta for the first time in the riveting remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. Washington plays a transit dispatcher and Travolta is the madman who takes a subway train full of New Yorkers hostage, demanding millions in ransom.

Since production completed, Travolta has faced the loss of his teenage son in a tragic accident. Washington told’s Jeanne Wolf how he’s tried to help his pal.

“I talked to John a couple of weeks ago. We probably talked for two hours. He cried and he laughed a little bit. What can you…”


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Celebrating Norman Lear, '70s Sitcom Legend

The starkly modern Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills was full of no-holds-barred affection for an unassuming guy in blue jeans and a white hat. But that modest-looking man just happens to be one of the most influential producers in the history of television.

Norman Lear has been called a legend and an icon, but the stars on hand to pay tribute to him see Lear as the brilliant friend who launched their careers. They couldn’t wait to get a hug and a picture with the creator of such critically acclaimed and award-winning primetime hits as All in the Family, Maude, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons and One Day At A Time.

Now, you can take a journey back through some of the funniest and most thought-provoking moments ever seen on the small screen with the Norman Lear Collection, 19 DVDs featuring the first seasons of seven groundbreaking series.’s Jeanne Wolf also got a hug—and a chance to capture some of the memories, starting with the guest of honor.

“I was spending 18 hours a day writing, and I was scratching my head so much I actually got a scab and my wife got tired of looking at it. So one day she threw…”


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Dr. Drew: 'Something Horrible Is Going To Happen' To Lindsay Lohan

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew has brought Dr. Pinsky ratings success on VH1, and free treatment for the stars, including Gary Busey and American Idol‘s Jessica Sierra, who have been willing to bring their battles with substance abuse to a national audience.

Now the doc is adding Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, but don’t look

for any famous faces. What you’ll find are some of the 6% of real Americans who suffer from sex addiction.

All this has made Pinsky something of a star himself. But he swears that he’s not in it for the attention. He told’s Jeanne Wolf that he’s just trying to help celebrities cope—and wishes he could get the ear of Lindsay Lohan.

“You’ve got to remember we have a bunch of non-surrendered, unmotivated drug addicts who weren’t seeking treatment. But out of that group, our success rate is better than half. Gary Busey is one who I just talked to and he’s doing really well. American Idol‘s Jessica Sierra…”


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Rachel Dratch: 'I Wasn't Scared' Of Liz Taylor

In seven seasons on Saturday Night Live, Rachel Dratch played everything from teenagers to grandmas, including outrageous impersonations of pop culture icons like Kelly Osbourne, Calista Flockhart and Drew Barrymore.

Dratch went on to a primetime stint on 30 Rock, and now she’s on the big screen opposite Nia Vardalos playing an ugly American tourist in My Life in Ruins. Next up could be a turn on Broadway in the musical Minsky’s.

“I didn’t have many lines in My Life in Ruins, so I was thinking I was going to have all this free time and I was inviting my friends to visit me. Then I discovered I was on the set every single day because I’m in the background of every single shot. Let the record show that I…”


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Heather Graham Dumps 'Scrubs' For New Beau

Heather Graham skated naked as Roller Girl in Boogie Nights, and she’s done some steamy sex scenes since. Here’s the irony: In the outrageous, totally politically incorrect and hard R-rated comedy The Hangover, Graham plays a pole dancer who keeps her clothes on.’s Jeanne Wolf found out Heather wants audiences to know she was ready to bare it all—even if her most revealing scene isn’t quite what they’d expect. Plus, why the actress turned down a role in the Scrubs finale.

“I was in classes at S Factor in Hollywood before I got the role. Then I went back and took some more classes. I felt pretty excited that I was this method-y actor into stripper pole moves. But you don’t really see me doing them except in some still photos over the closing credits.”


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