Kristen Stewart's Advice on Awkward Love

Twilight star Kristen Stewart trades in her forbidden vampire romance for awkward love at an amusement park.

Kristen Stewart Getty Images

Stewart joins Jesse Eisenberg as a couple of ’80s teens awkwardly trying to find romance in Adventureland. And Kristen thinks struggling to get it right is what makes this film real.

Q: Are you as awkward as your character when it comes to love?

A: I don’t think I’m ever going to not fumble around. I think that’s just life. That’s how you live life is you fumble around. …Read the Q&A

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William H. Macy: 'Felicity Makes Me Melt'

Oscar-nominated William H. Macy doesn’t mind that wife Felicity Huffman gets the lion’s share of media attention for her Emmy-winning role in Desperate Housewives. But Macy has jumped back into the spotlight since taking on the leading role in Broadway’s Speed the Plow after Jeremy Piven’s sudden departure.

William H. Macy.Felicity Huffman

And now, Macy is back on the big screen in a heartfelt role as a bumbling dad in Bart Got a Room, an independent film from sophomore director Brian Hecker.

Q: This film is a touching revisit of the angst of coming of age. What were you like in high school?

A: I was the stealth guy. Girls’ parents were terrified of the ‘bad boys,’ the football jocks and the real good-looking guys. But they all said, ‘What about our little girl going out with that lovely Billy Macy?’ They didn’t know I had their daughters in the back seat on the first date. I was stealthy. …Read the Q&A

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Virginia Madsen's Botox Warning

Virginia Madsen has waited 17 years to bring terror back to the big screen. After her horrifying stint in 1992′s Candyman, the actress admits she was waiting for the perfect script. And she found it in The Haunting in Connecticut.

Virginia Madsen Getty Images

The Oscar-nominated actress who came to fame during the 1980s dishes on her love of scary films, raising a teen and how she stays wrinkle-free.

Q: You’re an Oscar-nominated actress and you’ve been actively searching for a horror film?

A: I love this genre, but I’m very picky. It’s hard to find one that’s really well-written and character-driven. Most of the time, the horror scripts I was reading made me want to throw them across the room. A lot of the horror scripts were about the victimization of women and children and gorefests that I’m really not interested in being a part of. But this one stayed with me. It was really hard to read this alone in the house on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It really scared me just reading it. …Read the Q&A

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Reese Witherspoon is Super Mom

Interviewed by Jeanne Wolf. Why Reese Witherspoon is a superhero to her kids both on and off screen.

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Fred Durst's New Film, Limp Bizkit Reunion

Bad boy rocker Fred Durst became a legend as the lead singer for Limp Bizkit. His controversial career has been highlighted by verbal and physical confrontations with fans and other famous faces and he’s made tabloid headlines for saying more than he should about relationships with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Fred Durst Getty Image

Now, the indomitable Durst is pursuing his love for film-making, directing Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter in The Education of Charlie Banks. The Limp Bizkit frontman also talks about his band’s decision to reunite for an upcoming tour and studio album.

Q: Would you say you’re becoming kinder and gentler?

A: I’m ever-evolving but being self-aware is not necessarily a great thing even though it helps me gain new perspective on everything in life. My angst comes from being an underdog. I got beat up all the time. I got picked on by jocks. I got spit on. I was a potential Columbine kid without the intent to kill someone. I got rejected. I was the only kid in school who was kind of gothic and getting treated differently. But there was something in me that was still an artist. I loved all these things, but it wasn’t acceptable where I grew up. And so my angst came from my childhood and being treated poorly and misunderstood. …Read the Q&A

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