Amber Tamblyn Goes From God to Good Cop

Amber Tamblyn is definitely changing her image. The sweet girl who visited with God on Joan of Arcadia and bonded with her gal pals on the big screen in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is facing the dark side of New York City.

Amber Tamblyn Getty Images

In The Unusuals, Tamblyn plays an NYPD detective who holds her own with fellow cops as they cope with the ugliness of crime and death by laughing at it. Tamblyn left her Hollywood home behind to film in the Big Apple.

Q: This is the most

grown-up role you’ve played. How far are you going to go?

A: I have some scenes where I’ve got my boobs up to my chin in a hooker outfit when I go undercover as a prostitute, which is kind of hilarious. But, for the most part, my character isn’t really sexy when she has her cop outfit on. She doesn’t wear heels or nail polish and a lot of makeup. …Read the Q&A

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Eric McCormack on Will and Grace's Lasting Impact

Eric McCormack is back in primetime as a hard-driving workaholic ad man on TNT’s Trust Me. You can also catch him on the big screen in one of the oddest roles of his career — playing a possessed astronomer in Alien Trespass.

Eric McCormack Getty Images

The actor also reveals why he thinks the hugely popular NBC sitcom Will and Grace will have a lasting effect on generations to come.

Q: Have you ever had any encounters with otherworldly creatures?

A: I did eight years with Sean Hayes on Will and Grace so I know something about aliens. Please, that was a joke! In this film the monster from outer space looks like a giant sex toy so I could identify with that because there certainly were plenty of those on Will and Grace. …Read the Q&A

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks 'Tudors,' Sex and Jealousy

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is back on the throne (and in the bedroom) as Henry VIII in Showtime’s hit The Tudors. And he’s getting a bevy of new beauties to prove that the legendary king was a sexy guy.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Getty Images

And in person, the darkly attractive Irishman fits the bill.

Q: You’ve taken some flack for not matching up to Henry’s traditional physical image as an overweight redhead.
A: I’ve played him my way. I could have dyed my hair red and gained extra weight or put on a fat suit. But then the role becomes something that’s already been done by other actors. I hope I’ve made King Henry my own. I had to make his ambition bigger than anybody else’s. …Read the Q&A

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Ryan Reynolds Reveals His 'Crowning Achievement'

Ryan Reynolds goes for laughs in the indie comedy Adventureland, and this summer you can watch him go mano a mano with Hugh Jackman as the fearsome Deadpool in the highly anticipated X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds Getty Images

Off screen, after the deluge of headlines generated by his marriage to Scarlett Johansson , Ryan keeps a tight lid on their life together.

Q: The guy you play in Adventureland is hard to love and he doesn’t care who he hurts, including his much younger girlfriend played by Kristen Stewart.

A: The challenge is to make sure the audience doesn’t totally hate him even though I’d hate to be him in real life. His coping mechanism is to put himself in a position where he’s the biggest fish in the tiniest pond he can find. There’s something so sad about people that live their lives like that. But I love that this guy gets to expose himself, warts and all. He’s like, ‘Take it or leave it.’…Read the Q&A

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Michael Emerson Admits He's Lost on 'Lost'

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus might just be the most manipulative and confusing character on television. Emerson joined Lost to do a guest shot and his emergence as the primary villain ( or maybe he’s the hero?) is the stuff that an actor’s dreams are made of.

Michael Emerson Getty Images

You want facts about this season’s finale? Would you really trust the man who plays Ben no matter what he told you? One true fact, the round glasses are pretty much like the ones he wears in real life. Another certainty is that you won’t get Michael to disrespect Ben.

Q: How would you describe your character?

A: Ben is intelligent and he is an operator. He’s a great student of psychology and he knows how to work people. He is sometimes very ruthless. We’ve seen that. Yet, to counterbalance that, we’ve seen him genuinely grieve the loss of a daughter, probably the loss of his own childhood or the loss of a chance to live a decent romantic life that he sees other people have. And of course he doesn’t have a happy relationship with members of the opposite sex, either. So he’s kind of alone. …Read the Q&A

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