Rose Byrne Toughs It Out With Glenn Close

Rose Byrne goes head-to-head with Oscar winner Glenn Close in the hit FX series Damages. Her Golden Globe nominated performance as the very competitive prot?g? of her ruthless attorney boss has gotten her almost as much attention as getting romantic with Brad Pitt in Troy.

Rose Byrne Getty Images

Now, she?s facing a possible end of the world with Nicolas Cage in the apocalypse-predicting flick Knowing.
Q: Did making this movie make you rethink your own beliefs?

A: I wasn?t raised in a religious household. My parents are both atheists, so I was born of two skeptics. I still don?t quite know what to believe. I went to a few psychics, but I finally gave them up. During filming I was pondering things like religion, life after death and bringing the gap between science and spirituality. I remembered the Danny Boyle sci-fi movie Sunshine I?d done a few years ago. We spent a lot of time with scientists, astronauts and physicists, incredibly smart people. The language they spoke I found almost as beautiful as religion in terms of sort of giving us guidelines in life. …Read the Q&A

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Julia Roberts and Clive Owen Get Honest

In Duplicity, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen team up to play a pair of spies wrapped up in a complicated battle between pharmaceutical rivals.

Julia Roberts. Clive Owen Getty Images

In real life, the actors talk about the honesty in their own relationships — and why they couldn’t seem to pull it together on the set for director Tony Gilroy.

Q: Don’t you think it’s funny that we’re in a society now where the corporate guys are the villains?

Julia Roberts: Well they’ve earned it.

Clive Owen: The movie is about two corporate spies who end up together deciding to scam the big companies they work for and try and make themselves a big payday.

JR: You don’t really know if we’re friends or enemies or lovers and we’re kind of all of those things.? It’s tough to fit romance into all the scheming. But I guess it is sexy. I don’t know if it’s romantic, but maybe it’s sexy. …Read the Q&A

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Jason Segel: Success After Full Frontal

Despite his big-screen success, Jason Segel hasn’t quit his day job on the CBS hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Now, after scoring a surprise hit with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Segel is co-starring with Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man. As Rudd embarks on a series of “man-dates” to find the perfect guy to be the best man at his wedding, he forms an unlikely bond with Segel.

Jason Segel Getty Images

Segel also admits how his infamous full-frontal scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall has affected his dating life.

Q: Have you ever been on a man-date?

A: Paul and I have shared a bottle of wine. Actually, we went to the theater together and saw the opening of Will Ferrell’s show on Broadway. We arrived together, we went to a party together and then we left separately, which is how most of my dates end. But I have to say — even though I’m heterosexual through and through, I find Paul to be a dreamy guy. …Read the Q&A

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Jamie Pressly, Anti-Blonde Bombshell?

Jamie Pressly gets lots of laughs (and a few gasps) in her outrageous Emmy-winning role as Joy, Earl’s gum-chewing, fast-talking trailer-park ex-wife, on the NBC hit My Name Is Earl.

Jaimie Pressly Getty Images

Now she’s just as funny and almost as over-the-top in I Love You Man, a comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel as a pair of guys whose male bonding is not what it seems. Pressly doesn’t hold back her own opinion about why audiences just don’t seem ready for “bromances.”

Q: Why should there be a problem with straight guys having “man-dates”?

A: I think it’s just not fair. My girlfriends and I go to lunch and dinner, we drink out of the same straw, we have slumber parties, and we sleep in the same bed and watch movies. But if a guy has a guy over and they have a slumber party or they link arms walking down the street or they drink out of the same straw–it’s considered gay. It’s so old fashioned. But it’s different with women. We don’t call it ‘girlmance.’ It’s just going out and having fun. …Read the Q&A

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Amy Adams' Lip-Lock With Leonardo DiCaprio

How far from a convent can you get? After her Oscar-nominated performance opposite Meryl Streep in Doubt, Amy Adams is trading in her nun’s habit for a blood-spattered apron in Sunshine Cleaning.

Amy Adams Getty Images

From the makers of Little Miss Sunshine, the dark dramedy (co-starring Emily Blunt) gives Adams the leading role as a mom trying to pay for her daughter’s schooling by cleaning up gory crime scenes.

Q: Calling this a change of pace hardly does it justice.

A: I know, isn’t being an actress wonderful? Actually, it was challenging to play Rose who’s a single mom and hasn’t really made a lot of her life and doesn’t have a very strong sense of self worth. Even when she finally turns things around by starting her cleaning business, she’s on her own and feeling very alone. So it was hard to step into that persona every day. …Read the Q&A

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