Jamie Pressly, Anti-Blonde Bombshell?

Jamie Pressly gets lots of laughs (and a few gasps) in her outrageous Emmy-winning role as Joy, Earl’s gum-chewing, fast-talking trailer-park ex-wife, on the NBC hit My Name Is Earl.

Jaimie Pressly Getty Images

Now she’s just as funny and almost as over-the-top in I Love You Man, a comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel as a pair of guys whose male bonding is not what it seems. Pressly doesn’t hold back her own opinion about why audiences just don’t seem ready for “bromances.”

Q: Why should there be a problem with straight guys having “man-dates”?

A: I think it’s just not fair. My girlfriends and I go to lunch and dinner, we drink out of the same straw, we have slumber parties, and we sleep in the same bed and watch movies. But if a guy has a guy over and they have a slumber party or they link arms walking down the street or they drink out of the same straw–it’s considered gay. It’s so old fashioned. But it’s different with women. We don’t call it ‘girlmance.’ It’s just going out and having fun. …Read the Q&A

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Amy Adams' Lip-Lock With Leonardo DiCaprio

How far from a convent can you get? After her Oscar-nominated performance opposite Meryl Streep in Doubt, Amy Adams is trading in her nun’s habit for a blood-spattered apron in Sunshine Cleaning.

Amy Adams Getty Images

From the makers of Little Miss Sunshine, the dark dramedy (co-starring Emily Blunt) gives Adams the leading role as a mom trying to pay for her daughter’s schooling by cleaning up gory crime scenes.

Q: Calling this a change of pace hardly does it justice.

A: I know, isn’t being an actress wonderful? Actually, it was challenging to play Rose who’s a single mom and hasn’t really made a lot of her life and doesn’t have a very strong sense of self worth. Even when she finally turns things around by starting her cleaning business, she’s on her own and feeling very alone. So it was hard to step into that persona every day. …Read the Q&A

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Matt Damon, Too Old To Be 'Bourne?'

Matt Damon wasn’t ready to join the three ultra-runners who made history when they ran 4,300 miles across the African desert in the riveting documentary Running the Sahara. But the Bourne action star did lend his support as executive producer and narrator.

Matt Damon Getty Images

Now he’s in South Africa filming The Human Factor, joining Morgan Freeman in the Clint Eastwood-directed film. When he isn’t on a film set, you’ll find Damon at home doting on his two kids. And he’s ready to prove he hasn’t lost his sense of humor about the infamous video that first debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Q: You’ve become a YouTube phenom thanks to that video that Sarah Silverman did, which, to put it politely without the four-letter word, was all about “blanking Matt Damon.”

A: My favorite story about it was that somebody sent my wife a shirt that said, ‘I’m blanking Matt Damon,’ and there was a note with it. ‘You’re actually the only person who can wear this.’ I swear it wasn’t me who sent it. Anyway, she was pregnant at the time, so it was really funny to watch her wear the shirt. Unfortunately, I don’t think we took a picture of her wearing it. It seemed a little too self-indulgent. But we both laughed a lot. …Read the Q&A

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Dwayne Johnson Takes on The Tooth Fairy

In Race to Witch Mountain, Dwayne Johnson confronts a couple of teenagers who insist they’re from outer space. Just like the Vegas cab driver he plays, Johnson got a new perspective on aliens at a UFO convention.

Dwayne Johnson Getty Images

And the wrestler-turned-film star, who admits he’s hooked on family films, is ready to take on the Tooth Fairy in his next role.

Q: Are you a believer in extra-terrestrials?

A: I’m a big believer. And I was a big believer before the movie. Andy Fickman, the director, wanted to make the film as authentic as possible. So he filled that place with people who attend UFO conventions and who are typically part of UFO conventions, who have their tables set up and things like that. So it was a pretty eye opening experience to be exposed to that culture. …Read the Q&A

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Julia Roberts and Clive Owen Get Honest

Interviewed by Jeanne Wolf. The “Duplicity” co-stars on honesty in relationships and filming those steamy love scenes.

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