Jon Cryer: John Hughes Gave Me An Incredible Chance

Jon Cryer has scored four Emmy nominations playing the uptight Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men. And he’s keeping his day job since CBS recently renewed the hit comedy for three more seasons.

But Cryer’s busy TV career couldn’t keep him from returning to the big screen in the sweetly imaginative family film Shorts, in which the lives of parents and children are changed by a magic rock. The actor explained to’s Jeanne Wolf why he felt right at home surrounded by child actors

“I guess I got a little crazy around a set full of young actors. A lot of time got wasted and I’m just gonna confess, it wasn’t because of the kids at all. It was mostly because I’d play a practical joke on Jimmy and then Jimmy [Bennett] would play a practical joke on Trevor [Gagnon], and then it just snowballed until nobody was getting anything done, and the proper authorities need to be alerted…”


Jimmy Page: My Les Paul Guitar is My Mistress and Wife

Three real-life guitar heroes rock the house in “It Might Get Loud.” Jack White (White Stripes), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and The Edge (U2) get together for an impromptu jam session in Davis Guggenheim’s documentary tracing the rise of the electric guitar and three legendary musicians who made it their own.’s Jeanne Wolf found out some of Jimmy Page’s own rock memories and why he’ll miss the man who started it all, Les Paul, who passed away Thursday.

“What was so fascinating about it is that we are all really self-taught guitarists. We all have real interesting characteristics. It’s not like we’re part of an orchestra, where everyone has been taught the same way…”


Eric Bana Reveals His Dangerous Side

Eric Bana surprised audiences by going for laughs in Funny People, but some may recall that he started in show biz as a stand-up comic in Australia. Now, he’s getting a shot at romance as a leading man in The Time Traveler’s Wife opposite Rachel McAdams.’s Jeanne Wolf found out that Bana loved everything–except the nude scenes–and that there were days when he’d rather be pursuing his other passion: racing cars.

“Being an actor and someone who travels a lot, it wasn’t a huge stretch for me to be able to relate to how he felt disappearing and reappearing in the lives of his loved ones. I’m always one time zone behind myself. I’m very much a bit of a ghost presence. When you’re shooting a film, you really don’t get to…”


Jeremy Piven: ‘I Was Incredibly Sick’

Fans love Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold, the manic agent on HBO’s hit Entourage. So the actor decided to take on another hard-hitter with no scruples: Don Ready, the hard-driving car salesman in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Both are serious type-A’s, but Ready eventually reveals his softer, gentler side.

Piven told’s Jeanne Wolf which character he thinks is closer to him and why he’s still dogged by the attention he got for leaving Broadway’s Speed the Plow due to mercury poisoning.

“For those that love me on Entourage, they’ll see some similarities in Don Ready in The Goods, who is kind of an abrasive, fast-talking car salesman. But the journey Don goes through, Ari Gold would never go through. He’s just a different human being, a great huckster who figures out he isn’t happy with his personal life. So in a way, it was completely cathartic…”


Rachel McAdams: Nudity Shouldn’t Be A Big Deal

Rachel McAdams hasn’t tackled a role in a tear-jerking romance since she starred opposite Ryan Gosling in 2004’s The Notebook. Now, she’s paired with Eric Bana in The Time Traveler’s Wife, based on the best-selling novel. He travels through time, but always manages to make it back to her.’s Jeanne Wolf discovered that Rachel has some issues when it comes to exploring the past and future.

“No. Not a chance. He’d be out the door first time it happened. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot the scene in the film where he’s been in the future and knows the winning lottery numbers. Maybe, I have to rethink that… ”