Matthew Morrison Reveals ‘Glee’ Spoilers

Matthew Morrison has left Broadway for primetime. The Tony-nominated song and dance man stars in the hotly anticipated new Fox series Glee as the director of a high school glee club.

Created by Nip/Tuck helmer Ryan Murphy, Glee is sort of the dark side of High School Musical, where hardly anybody is perfect.’s Jeanne Wolf found out why Morrison is ready to go for ratings instead of ticket sales.

“If I could have created a TV show for myself, this would have been it. So this is a dream job for me. It’s great to see the crossover of Broadway on television. Actually, when I auditioned, I didn’t try to belt out a big show-stopper…”


Rumer Willis: ‘I Don’t Fit The Convention’

Rumer Willis, who just celebrated her 21st birthday in Las Vegas, is following in the footsteps of her famous parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She co-starred in The House Bunny and Wild Cherry, and now she’s got a juicy role in the horror-thriller Sorority Row, playing a geeky girl who finally fights back as her pals are sliced up by a mysterious killer.’s Jeanne Wolf found out why Willis was up to the bloody scenes and how she out-screamed her co-stars.

“I watched some movies that had classic screamers in them. I would give Neve Campbell pretty high marks for her shrieking in Scream. She was impressive. I didn’t practice at home because people would have been dialing 911 or something…”


Bradley Cooper: My Parents Taught Me About Romance

Bradley Cooper stepped onto the fast track to stardom in this summer’s biggest comedy hit The Hangover. Now, he’s Sandra Bullock’s leading man in All About Steve, playing a news cameraman being stalked by a wacky woman who constructs crossword puzzles for her local newspaper.

Cooper recently revealed that he’s joining the cast of the much-anticipated remake of The A-Team, and getting ready for The Hangover 2.’s Jeanne Wolf found out that while Cooper is well on his way to becoming a famous face, he still wants to keep his private life private.

“I don’t feel cheated that Sandra Bullock kept most of her clothes on with me. At least we got sort of a love scene. I got to touch her breasts. OK, she had a bra on, but I still made contact. Actually, Sandra was attacking me physically in that scene. There’s just something in her eyes when she’s…”


Mila Kunis: I Don’t Rely On Being Pretty

Mila Kunis goes for laughs in primetime as the voice of Meg Griffin in the wildly dysfunctional FOX hit Family Guy.

Now she’s on the big screen in Extract, a dark and wacky comedy from Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill). She’s a drifter with a criminal past who knows how to take advantage of what a small town has to offer.’s Jeanne Wolf found out why Kunis doesn’t want to be confused with her character.

“Who wouldn’t want to be a slut who’s also a thief and pathological liar? It’s great. You get to get away with everything. Actually, I’m getting tired of people asking me if I feel a connection to her and what I drew on from my own life. Do you think that I go off and steal stuff, shoplift every day and sleep around? I was playing a character…”


Robin Williams: ‘After Heart Surgery, Everything Is Gravy’

Robin Williams still jokes about the ups and downs of life after surviving rehab and open-heart surgery. But the wildly unstoppable and irreverent comedian can find laughs in just about anything.

He’s proving it once again as the star of Bobcat Goldthwait’s pitch-black comedy World’s Greatest Dad, playing a failing high school teacher whose life is changed forever by the shocking death of his renegade teenage son.’s Jeanne Wolf discovered what has changed Williams since he left the hospital with a cow valve in his heart.

“I had to slow down. I had to actually take the three months off after heart surgery. It’s what you call the big nap. That’s nature’s way of saying, ‘Take a break.’ Before I had the surgery I was doing shows, but I was really starting to run down. I first noticed it when I was on my bike. I’d ride the hills in San Francisco and be going up a steep incline and all of a sudden…”