Robert Downey Jr.: Mel Gibson Took a Chance on Me

He scored a second Oscar nomination for his show-stopping comic turn in Tropic Thunder. Now, Robert Downey Jr. gets serious in The Soloist as Steve Lopez, a newspaper columnist who finds himself in a complicated relationship with a brilliant musician (Jamie Foxx) whose schizophrenia has left him homeless.

Robert Downey Jr. Getty Images

And the Oscar-nominated actor reveals he started to feel connected to co-star Jamie Foxx both on- and off-screen.

Meeting the real man.
“We were at Disney Hall when I was introduced to Nathaniel Ayers, and he told me I reminded him of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which I took as a compliment.”…Read more

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Isabella Rossellini Takes Sex Education Seriously

Is the beautiful Isabella Rossellini, daughter of Hollywood legend Ingrid Bergman, turning into the Dr. Ruth of the animal world?

Isabella Rossellini Getty Images

Rossellini, who will always be remembered for her shockingly sexy role in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, is producing and starring in Green Porno, a series of short films about animal reproduction airing on the Sundance Channel.

As a mother of two, Isabella takes sex education very seriously. …Read more

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Doris Day Denies Tabloid Rumors

Doris Day is mad as heck about another ugly tabloid cover about her supposed declined. Even though the perky and approachable star doesn’t do interviews, she has to set the record straight. She needs the audience that cares for her to know that’s she’s doing fine and so are her four legged pals.

Doris Day Getty Images

Read her note – given to Jeanne Wolf and ? and? imagine that Doris Day smile you remember from Pillow Talk, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Lover Come Back and a whole list of favorites. You can sense the “Que Sera Sera” attitude which keeps one of the biggest stars in the history of Hollywood going strong…

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Jamie Foxx: 'I Was Scared of Losing My Mind'

I’m betting Jamie Foxx ‘s dazzling performance in The Soloist might get him another shot at Oscar gold. Foxx plays Nathaniel Ayers, a Juilliard-trained classical cellist who suffers from acute schizophrenia and ends up living on the mean streets of L.A.

Jamie Foxx Getty Images

He finally gets a boost when L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez, played by Robert Downey Jr., writes his story and gives him a shot at a new life. For Jamie, the role brought back some fears he’d like to forget.

His biggest childhood fear
“As a kid, I was scared of losing my mind. In Terrell, Texas, where I grew up, there was a guy that would walk down the street talking to himself. And I used to watch him and feel uneasy. And there was a sanitarium where people would say, “That’s where all the crazy people go.’ It really sort of frightened me.”…Read more

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Amy Smart's Very Public Love Scene

Amy Smart?s naturally blonde California glow?coupled with a wickedly self-deprecating sense of humor?has made her more appealing than ever. Or should I say sexier than ever? Speaking of sex, she and Jason Statham are at it again in the sequel to the adrenaline-pumping action flick Crank.

Amy Smart Getty Images

In Crank: High Voltage, Statham faces a new challenge: he?s been burdened with an artificial heart that needs jolts of electricity to keep it ticking. And that?s where Amy comes in.

Passion in public…again.
?I?m definitely getting used to having sex in front of a crowd. Ironically, in the first Crank, they made me audition doing the scene where Jason and I have sex outdoors at a mall in Chinatown with me draped over a newspaper stand. I was going, ?Oh my God, they want me to do this in the audition, let alone during actual filming???…Read more

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