Alison Lohman's New Role Drove Her To Tequila

The good news for Alison Lohman is that she got the leading role in Sam Raimi’s return to the horror genre, Drag Me To Hell.

The bad news for Lohman was that starring in the new film was going to feel like she really was in hell, thanks to Raimi’s devilish determination to pull out all the stops.’s Jeanne Wolf discovered that, despite the grueling task, Lohman hasn’t lost her sense of humor.

How Sam Raimi made her suffer.
“I think it hit me, when we started doing wild stunts, that he was showing us no mercy. One of the toughest was a fight scene in my car with this lovely older actress, Lorna Raver, who becomes demonic and attacks me. Sam wouldn’t stand for any fake acting so we were really going at it. Lorna is pretty strong and she was actually strangling me at one point while I’m pulling her hair. She says I clocked her with a stapler, but if I did, it wasn’t metal. Afterward, we were comparing bruises.”…Read more

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Jessica Biel: 'I Wanted To Be Whitney Houston'

Jessica Biel gets a lot of attention for her relationship with “Mr. SexyBack,” but she’s a lot more than Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend. Since her primetime stint on 7th Heaven, the box office beauty has co-starred with Oscar winners Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti. Now you can catch her acting (and singing) in the big-screen version of Noel Coward’s Easy Virtue.

The actress also reveals how important it is to have a life outside of Hollywood and why Justin isn’t the only one in their relationship with a gifted voice.

Could there be a movie with her boyfriend in the future?
“If it was the right thing, yeah. I would love to co-star with Justin. I just don’t know what the right thing is, though. ” …Read more

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Sam Worthington: Christian Bale ‘Makes You Better’

Who is Sam Worthington?  If you can’t place the face of the 32-year-old Australian actor, that’s all about to change. He’s got a pivotal role in the hottest summer action flick, Terminator Salvation, opposite Christian Bale, and he’ll star in James Cameron’s 3-D science fiction blockbuster Avatar due in December.

The hunky Aussie told’s Jeanne Wolf that he may be on the brink of super-stardom but it isn’t going to his head.

Wanting to suffer for his role.
“In Terminator Salvation, I’m the guy who wants to die for his past sins but the penance is he’s a robot and he can’t. So he goes through hell. I had this idea — because of what I’d seen in other films like Blade Runner —  that even though he’s a machine, he needed to feel absolute pain, not only physically but emotionally…Read more

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Ben Stiller Steals Tom Cruise's Moves

Ben Stiller stretched the boundaries of R-rated political incorrectness in the outrageous Tropic Thunder. Now, he’s back to PG laughs in the sequel to the box office blockbuster Night at the Museum.

The actor talks about bringing his daughter on set, channeling Tom Cruise for his action scenes and keeping the romance alive with wife Christine Taylor.

Maybe he’s just kidding about the connection to his character.

“I thought Larry should be successful but not totally happy. Personally, I feel very happy. Well, OK, if you want to get under the surface, I had feelings of loneliness that started when I was four. My mother didn’t breast feed me. She was doing the Ed Sullivan Show.”…Read more

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Christian Bale: 'The Greatest Sin Is Being Boring'

Christian Bale scored big-time as the caped crusader in Dark Knight. Now, he’s playing another legend in Terminator Salvation, John Connor, who leads the fight against the machines that are trying to destroy mankind.

Bale fought to save his own reputation after an explosive temper tantrum on the set was leaked to the Internet. He’s since publicly apologized for his uncool behavior and says with a smile, “Would it be self-serving to say that most people think I’m a really nice guy.”

Hey, it’s only a movie.
“I can play John Connor with a healthy bunch of salt. I recognize the story is a little far-fetched and that’s what I enjoy about this mythology. But I had my doubts about the role and McG had to talk me into it. It’s not brain surgery, and we’re not curing cancer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously while we’re filming. The world is not going to come to an end if movies stop getting made, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my work.”…Read more

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