Emmy Rossum Compares New Role to Childbirth

Emmy Rossum received a Golden Globe nomination for lifting her operatically trained voice in song for Phantom of the Opera, but most of her Hollywood career has put her in the middle of spectacular action.

After surviving the end of the world in Day After Tomorrow and a sinking ship in Poseidon, she’s now appearing in the big screen version of Dragonball Evolution, the phenomenally successful Japanese? “manga”? which has spawned multiple video games and a hit TV series.

Emmy Rossum Getty Images

As the feisty fighting scientist Bulma, Rossum gets to unleash some impressive kicks and punches.

Parade: Is it true you heart the “Muscles from Brussels?”

Emmy Rossum: It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I grew up loving Jean-Claude Van Damme movies so I couldn’t wait to get out there and kick some butt myself. …Read the Q&A

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Anna Faris: I'm Not a Role Model

Anna Faris has played her share of dumb but lovable blondes, but now she’s taking a turn at getting mean in Observe and Report. Faris takes it to the limit as Brandi, a two-timing mall make-up girl who makes Seth Rogen ‘s life miserable.

Anna Faris Getty Images

Her fans may see her as the perfect woman ? hysterically funny, smart and beautiful. But the modest actress refuses to be thought of as a role model.

Q: The “B word” comes to mind in describing the woman you play and I’m not talking about “blonde.”

A: Well, she actually is blonde. Other than that there wasn’t much I related to. Brandi is the worst character I’ve ever done, I mean really awful. She loves to drink, sleep with strange guys and she’ll take her shirt off for anybody. But I have to confess, I had a great time playing her even though she is really mean. As an audience member you’re supposed to kind of hate her, and I found that very liberating. I think I’m a lot of nicer, but you’ll have to ask my friends. …Read the Q&A

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Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley's Ultimate BFF

From TV to theaters, Billy Ray Cyrus plays the father of Miley, an ambitious teen who donned a blonde wig and became a pop sensation. In Hannah Montana: The Movie, Billy Ray is once again trying to help Miley, his daughter on- and off-screen, cope with success while remembering her down-home roots.

Cyrus Getty Images

And the country music star who made it big with “Achy-Breaky Heart” understands why you should never forget where you came from.

Q: What are you like as Miley Cyrus’s dad off-screen?

A: I’m more the quiet, silent type that watches from afar. If I need to intervene, I will. But I like giving Miley her space to be her own individual and her own creator in music and acting. When she comes to me and says, ‘Daddy, what would you do here?’ I’m always there. But it’s most important for me to be her best friend. Then somewhere along the line there’s a track for the daddy and then there’s a track for us as partners in acting and music.? But first and foremost, I want to be that person that she wants to talk to when the chips are down and she needs a friend. …Read the Q&A

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Justin Chatwin's On-Screen Hair Drama

Justin Chatwin didn’t mind being overshadowed by a superstar and a bunch of aliens when he played the rebellious teenage son of Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds.

Justin Chatwin Getty Images

To prove he is ready for a shot at being a leading man, Chatwin snagged the coveted role of Goku in Dragonball Evolution, a new movie based on the phenomenally successful manga (Japanese comic), video game and animated TV franchise. He’s just hoping he can live up to the expectations of millions of fans around the world.

Q: Rumor has it you were stressing out about your hairstyle in this film.

A: I took it very seriously because in the anime version Goku’s hair is like two feet high and it’s kind of a trademark. It’s wacky. So we tried to find a balance. We tried everything from clown hair to Backstreet Boy hair and I don’t think I ever got it right. …Read the Q&A

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Seth Rogen Pushes the Comedy Envelope

How far do you dare push the envelope of comedy? Seth Rogen gives Borat some competition as he takes it to the limit in Observe and Report, which earns its R-rating for profanity, memorable male frontal nudity and in-your-face violence.

Seth Rogen Getty Images

Seth isn’t apologizing for going for laughs in low places or letting the fun take a dark turn.

Q: How come the girls keep their clothes on, but there’s an endless chase scene through the mall in which a flasher let’s it all hang out?

A: The reason we don’t have bare breasts in our movie is that they don’t get laughs. I think American Pie was the last movie to have boobs and laughter in the same scene. Now it’s all about penises. Breasts are out and the male organ is in. And when you saw my naked butt in Knocked Up, I knew that would get a laugh because it sometimes gets me laughs in real life. …Read the Q&A

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