Jeanne and Keith Urban

Jeanne and Keith UrbanKeith can put me in a song anytime he wants! I was right down front for his show at The Hollywood Bowl and it was absolutely first rate. What a fantastic performer!


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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks James Gandolfini

We all love tough guys and James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano was one of the toughest, but we’ll see another side of him opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the new movie, “Enough Said”, opening today. Here, Julia talks with Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood about wonderful times spent working with the late actor:

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Star Trek Into Darkness Home Entertainment Debut

Jeanne in fron tof the EndeavourI had an absolute BLAST at the home video release for Star Trek Into Darkness. Paramount hosted the event at the California Science Center under the wings of the massive Space Shuttle Endeavour. It was the most stellar time!

Beam me up!

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Gary Sinise: Speaking Up for Wounded Warriors

Life profoundly changed for Gary Sinise after his Oscar-nominated role in Forrest Gump as the Vietnam vet and double-amputee Lieutenant Dan—a character at first supremely bitter who ultimately finds the courage to come to terms with his disability and even thrive. Wounded vets everywhere responded, and Sinise found himself at the center of a vital cause—to bring attention, appreciation, and help to America’s sometimes-forgotten heroes, the real-life disabled military men and more.

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We’re gonna need a bigger chopper…

SHARKNADO – put your bite where you’re buzz is! I have no personal interest in this TV movie, except my embarrassment that I really enjoyed it. But I urge you to watch or tape Scfy’s repeat of SNARKNADO this Thursday so that this wild thriller goes past the title of “most tweeted” to “most watched – even if you laughed while you gasped.” I hear that Ian Ziering didn’t even talk about the movie before it aired. But no kidding, he does a great job. Even though I am a certified wimp, I admit it was more fun watching dangerous blood-thirsty sharks than most of the alien, robot, apocalypse creatures in the summers’ big blockbusters. OK, outside of the artistic and technical questions raised by the thriller, I have one quibble. No female’s lip gloss was ever even smudged. So I suggest more authenticity in make-up or send me the name of a lipstick that doesn’t even move in a creature-infested storm.

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