Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Weird

Jake Gyllenhaal dives into the dark side in “Nightcrawler” taking on the most wildly off-beat role of his career. And he reveals what it took to push his performance over the edge.

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Hilary Swank Takes It To The Limit

Hilary Swank loses everything she cares about to creeping paralysis as a victim of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in “You’re Not You.” Acting in a wheelchair and fighting to breathe was tough but Hilary has a surprising answer to what concerned her most.

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Carousel of Hope Ball Benefitting The Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes

Jennifer Hudson sang out at the Carousel Ball on Saturday night. She and a star packed crowd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel shared the spirit of hope spread by Barbara Davis in her efforts to cure and give a shinier future to the millions who suffer from Diabetes. The names and gowns were glittery. The guests were generous and glamorous. Hugs and air kisses expressed gratitude that friends could join together and make a great difference. The main sponsor of the event, Mercedes Benz, proclaimed that we were all “driving it forward.”

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Adam Sandler Doesn’t Laugh at Sex Scenes

Forget the jokes in “Men, Women & Children.” Adam Sandler gets dramatic and he admits it wasn’t easy. OK there was one thing Adam didn’t mind – his sex scene with an escort booked from the internet.

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Denzel Washington Takes Justice Into His Own Hands

The lethal violence is in your face as Denzel Washington faces a gang of creeps in “The Equalizer.” Denzel has his own thoughts on vigilante justice, and check out his take on stardom, “First they hail you, then they nail you, ask Jesus.”

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