Jeanne Wolf on the Tragic Passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown

I joined BBC Breakfast to discuss the tragic passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown. It’s hard to say out loud that she’s gone. The tragic waste has so many people grieving and wondering.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Punched For Real

Jake Gyllenhaal is already chasing Oscar gold in “Southpaw” for his sensational performance as a boxing champion trying to stay on top. He tells Jeanne Wolf the price he paid was taking plenty of hard hits in the bruising fight scenes.

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50 Cent Gets Knocked Down, but Never Out

50 Cent was most interested in talking about his acting in the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie, “Southpaw” today. But what’s up with those headlines about his supposed bankruptcy? He told me he knows his problems make news.

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The Spelling family together! To salute Candy’s support of LA’s Best

Candy Spelling with children, Tori and Randy


LA’s BEST Family Dinner raises $670,000 for Legendary After School Program,
Benefiting More Than 25,000 Children 

During the presentation Tori and Randy spoke about their Mom, saying:

“Everything our mother has become, all that she has built, and all that she has done for the children of Los Angeles is because she always had a heart for the shy child,” Randy said. “The ones in the corner, behind the crowd, quiet and alone. She notices the one who needs someone to offer a hand.”

Tori added, “Mom, I respect you. I am proud of you. I love you. And now that I am a mother of four, I see myself turning into you. And that makes me happy.”

Spelling was visibly moved: “A question often asked of successful people is:  ‘How did you know the path you chose was the right thing to do?’  Champions, scholars, artists and entrepreneurs have shared: I had a teacher that believed in me … or a coach that spent hours working with me … a class or a project that spoke to me. Something or someone that made me believe in me. After school programs play an enormous role in helping young students find their way.  Without LA’s BEST, we could be depriving our community and the world of a future Nobel Prize winner, a research scientist that could cure cancer, or a diplomat that could bring peace where there’s unrest.”

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RIP Dick Van Patten

Jeanne with Dick Van Patten









Dick loved being known for Eight is Enough and he once told me that Tom Bradford, the dad on the show, was popular “because he was real. His love for his family overruled his common sense.” Dick was the best Dad on and off screen. One of the real “good guys” in Hollywood – he played tennis to win, played the horses for fun, and smiled as he declared, “I work hard to say lucky.”

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