Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy: Jeanne Wolf Talks to BBC International

BBC International asked me to say a few things about Leonard Nimoy after his passing. He told me once that he advised his younger self, Zachary Quinto in Star Trek (2009), to “Do what you feel is right. Follow your instinct.” Nimoy said that’s the exact same advice that he’d have given a younger Leonard Nimoy. I will miss his wisdom, his dry wit and his creativity. Live long and prosper, Mr. Spock!

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My Time at The 87th Academy Awards

Jeanne Oscars

I couldn’t resist posting a picture from the red carpet! What a show. I’ve been telling you how much I love Eddie Redmayne! So happy to see him walk away with the award.

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Kevin Costner Gets Tough in McFarland, USA

Kevin Costner plays a real-life coach who doesn’t cut teenage migrant workers any slack as he transforms them into a winning high school cross country team. Kevin told me why he used some of that tough love on the cast during filming.

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Handcuffs on the Girls Viewing “Fifty Shades of Grey?” Jeanne Wolf Explains Why on CNN International

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BBC-TV Discussing Oscars Nominees Luncheon with Jeanne Wolf

BBC-TV called me and said, “Jeanne, tell us about the Brits at The Oscars Nominees Luncheon.” Of course, I started with Eddie Redmayne. (Benedict Cumberbatch was working in London so, for once, I didn’t have to choose between the two.) Eddie’s charm offensive continued. He told how gleeful he was to have to have his luggage opened so he could coyly show off his Screen Actors Guild Best Actor trophy. The TSA agent said, “Is this statue some sort of award?” Eddie grinned yes. One can only imagine that he’ll march through the airport with his golden guy held aloft if he – as many predict – wins the Best Actor Academy Award. And, oh yes, Rosamund Pike and Felicity Jones were also glam and charming.

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