Letterman Apologizes, and Keeps the Jokes Coming

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Carey Mulligan’s Taboo Love In ‘An Education’

How did Carey Mulligan end up on the short list of contenders for a Best Actress Oscar? The relatively unknown Brit has dazzled critics with her performance in An Education, playing a girl barely 16 who has a forbidden romance with a much older man (Peter Sarsgaard).

Drawing comparisons to Audrey Hepburn, Mulligan is on her way to stardom. Next, she joins Shia LaBeouf in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2: Greed Never Sleeps. Mulligan told Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf why she tried not to pass judgment on a relationship between a grown-up and a teenager.

“I’ve always played characters that were younger than myself. But I was 22 when we filmed, and she was 16. At first, I was worried about capturing that adolescent sensibility and then I discovered there wasn’t a huge gap between us. I could see why she’d want to escape. No one in her school was having any fun and she was just stuck learning things for the sake of learning. I felt like that at school. I was doing things to appease other people and I was going…”

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Vince Vaughn: Don’t Forget To Have Fun In Love

Vince Vaughn is finally married with children in Couples Retreat. The star, who excels at playing single guys who play the field, was ready for a comedy about couples trying to work out their problems in a pricey relationship counseling center in Bora Bora.

Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out that Vaughn seems serious about taking a walk down the aisle. After all, he’s engaged to Canadian real estate agent Kyla Weber.

“For the first time I’ve thought in a real way about wanting to have kids. I think as I’m getting older my priorities have shifted. I thought, ‘I want to have a family. I’m really ready for that. I really feel like that would be what life is calling me to do.’ So I was ready to…”

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Ricky Gervais: ‘I Can’t Laugh At Someone I Don’t Like’

Ricky Gervais gets a new big screen challenge in The Invention of Lying. He not only co-stars with Jennifer Garner in the offbeat comedy, but he’s also making his co-directing debut.

In the film, Gervais plays the only guy capable of lying in a world where everyone else compulsively tells the truth. Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out that the popular comedian isn’t afraid to be honest about his own fibbing.

“I sort of lie all the time, but it’s to protect people’s feelings. It’s like when I turn down an invitation to a baby’s christening, I go, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry. I can’t, I’m busy.’ What I’m really thinking is, ‘It’s a little fat thing that looks like Winston Churchill…”

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Ellen Page: I’m In Competition With Myself

Ellen Page saw some action in X Men: The Last Stand, but it’s nothing like the in-your-face body bruising she faces in Whip It. The Academy Award nominee stars in the film, featuring Drew Barrymore in her directorial debut, as a teenager who finds fulfillment in rough-and-tumble roller derby competitions.

Page told Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf why the skating came easier than getting into the spirit of wanting to finish first.

“I used to be very competitive. Now, I feel like I’m much less competitive for some reason. I’ve chilled out a little bit. I want to be good at things and I will work hard and put my heart and soul into something. But I think I’m probably more competitive with myself than other people…”

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