Liev Schreiber: Naomi Laughed At Me

Liev Schreiber may be best known as a serious dramatic actor, but that didn’t stop him from co-starring with Hugh Jackman in the big-screen comic action flick X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Leiv Schreiber

That’s not to say Schreiber didn’t take his role as the fierce Sabretooth seriously. He bared fangs and claws on-set, but when he got home to Naomi Watts and their two sons, he was just a regular dad.

Why he’s always been a fan.
“When I was a kid I thought it was a big departure from other comic books. Everything before Wolverine was very clean cut — sort of men in tights jumping over tall buildings. Wolverine was the first really successful antihero. I think that idea of the outsider, the rebel, the freak is very appealing to adolescent boys.”…Read more

Jennifer Garner: Baby Number Two Brings 'Happy Chaos'

It’s about time Jennifer Garner did a romantic comedy after kicking butt in The Kingdom and showing her serious side in the indie hit Juno. In Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Jennifer goes for laughs with co-star Matthew McConaughey.

Jennifer Garner

Off-screen, Jennifer has her hands full with baby number two. But she’s getting lots of help from daddy Ben Affleck.

Guys and the “R” word.
“Guys are definitely romantic when they feel safe — not like they are supposed to be romantic — and they can do it because they want to. Sometimes you have to trick them into it by playing dead. All those special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays are just there to give a guy a little kick in the pants and make him do something romantic.”…Read more

O'Reilly & Breitbart v. Wolf, this time it's Mel!

Mel Gibson is drawing in the media this time for the rumors surrounding his divorce. Bill thinks that the liberal media is at it again, unfairly targeting those celebrities on the basis of Christianity (or Catholicism in this case.) Watch the segment and let me know what you think…

Ali Larter, Always the Bad Girl

Ever since she captivated audiences with her whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues, Ali Larter has been a force in Hollywood. Now she’s taking that strength to the big screen in a battle with Beyonce in Obsessed.

Ali Larter

And if you thought you’d seen the demise of her character on Heroes, think again. Fans could expect to see her on the hugely popular series next season.

Rumors of her demise on Heroes have been greatly exaggerated.
“We have a finale coming up this Monday, and I hope everyone checks it out. There’s a scene in there that reveals where my character is going in the fourth season. There are some definite clues. Actually, the producers signed us away forever so I’m with the show as long as they will have me.”…Read more

Beyonce Stays 'Fierce' in High Heels

In case you’re counting, Beyonce has sold millions of albums since parting ways with Destiny’s Child. But the seven-time Grammy winner is determined to be more than the reigning diva of R&B. She’s forging ahead with her second career on the big screen.

Beyonce Getty Images

Beyonce is executive producing as well as co-starring in the thriller Obsessed. In the movie, she and Ali Larter (who plays a femme fatale out to steal her man) have a memorable knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish.

Call her Beyonce Fierce.
“It was so much fun being able to let out all my aggression. My character is an everyday woman — a wife, a mother — who is tested. But instead of being the victim and calling her husband or the police when she’s afraid, she takes charge. I think that’s really empowering. Usually in films it’s the man that comes in and saves the day, not a woman. She literally fights for what she believes in.”…Read more