Rachel Dratch: 'I Wasn't Scared' Of Liz Taylor

In seven seasons on Saturday Night Live, Rachel Dratch played everything from teenagers to grandmas, including outrageous impersonations of pop culture icons like Kelly Osbourne, Calista Flockhart and Drew Barrymore.

Dratch went on to a primetime stint on 30 Rock, and now she’s on the big screen opposite Nia Vardalos playing an ugly American tourist in My Life in Ruins. Next up could be a turn on Broadway in the musical Minsky’s.

“I didn’t have many lines in My Life in Ruins, so I was thinking I was going to have all this free time and I was inviting my friends to visit me. Then I discovered I was on the set every single day because I’m in the background of every single shot. Let the record show that I…”

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Heather Graham Dumps 'Scrubs' For New Beau

Heather Graham skated naked as Roller Girl in Boogie Nights, and she’s done some steamy sex scenes since. Here’s the irony: In the outrageous, totally politically incorrect and hard R-rated comedy The Hangover, Graham plays a pole dancer who keeps her clothes on.

Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out Heather wants audiences to know she was ready to bare it all—even if her most revealing scene isn’t quite what they’d expect. Plus, why the actress turned down a role in the Scrubs finale.

“I was in classes at S Factor in Hollywood before I got the role. Then I went back and took some more classes. I felt pretty excited that I was this method-y actor into stripper pole moves. But you don’t really see me doing them except in some still photos over the closing credits.”

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Will Ferrell Survives the 'Wild' and Marriage

It’s another dream come true for Will Ferrell. After playing everything from a legendary news anchor to hilarious sports stars, he’s getting a chance to live out a childhood fantasy by starring in the big-screen version of the ’70s TV show Land of the Lost.

Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out that Will got a little special effects help taking on the dinosaurs and fearsome creatures in the film. But you can catch him taking some real-life risks tonight (June 2) on the Discovery Channel when he guest stars on Man vs. Wild.

Being a kid again.
“Growing up, Land of the Lost was hands down my favorite show. It really stood out among the cartoons on Saturday mornings. I would get nervous before each week’s episode. That’s how much I loved Land of the Lost. I was like, ‘What’s going to happen to them next?’ Even though I was kind of nervous, I wasn’t afraid.” …Read more.

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Funny Girl Cameron Diaz Gets Serious

‘My father died almost exactly a year ago,” Cameron Diaz says. “It’s still such a huge thing in my life. There’s no way that I could ever say enough about him. I could never explain how amazing he was. A life that big, somebody that incredible, doesn’t leave. He’s still part of our family. We talk about him all the time.”

Diaz was in the midst of filming the heartbreaking My Sister’s Keeper, playing a mother fighting to save the life of her terminally ill daughter, when she faced a tragedy of her own. Her 58-year-old father, Emilio, died suddenly of complications from pneumonia. Production came to a halt as Diaz headed home to be with her family before returning to complete the film, which opens June 26.

Playing a parent facing the end of her child’s life would be a challenge for any actress, but I asked Diaz how the loss of her father influenced her performance…Read more.

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Nia Vardalos On Her Battle With Infertility

After some time away from the camera, Nia Vardalos finally returns to the big screen in My Life In Ruins. The Greek-American actress who scored a surprise hit with her debut in My Big Fat Greek Wedding plays a tour guide in Greece who’s lost her mojo – or as the Greeks say “kefi” – until she meets a handsome guy who changes her life.

Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out why she connected with her character and how her battle with infertility and the adoption of her daughter played out on screen.

Looking for kefi.

“I had lost my own way. I’m a private person and I’m not comfortable grieving in public. But about five years ago I had to face the end of a long battle with infertility and I just had to grieve. So I gave up being on camera and dealt with it very quietly. I’m very, very happy I did it because it gave me a new perspective. I was hired to write scripts by Jonathan Demme and Tom Hanks, among others. So I wrote six scripts and just tried to get my kefi back.” …Read more

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