Malcolm McDowell: ‘We’ve Become Immune To Violence’

Malcolm McDowell got famous playing a vicious killer in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Now he has a killer for a patient in Halloween 2.

McDowell is clearly having fun returning as the over-blown psychiatrist Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombie’s sequel to his remake of the classic horror film. But’s Jeanne Wolf found out why McDowell doesn’t love the idea of letting Hollywood take another crack at Kubrick’s masterpiece.

“I had only talked to him on the phone. So I went to this restaurant to have dinner with him. I walked in and just looked around and there was Charles Manson sitting at a table. I knew where I had to go. That was it, you know? But, Rob is actually the most charming guy…”


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Jason Bateman: ‘My Inner Teen Wolf Is Alive And Well’

Jason Bateman has come a long way since he played that sweet kid on The Little House on the Prairie. His grown-up career on the big screen included last summer’s hit Hancock opposite Will Smith and a juicy, over-the-top role in State of Play, co-starring with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.

Now, he’s reunited with Affleck in Mike Judge’s dark and quirky Extract, playing a factory owner who cares about his employees but can’t get his wife to care about him.’s Jeanne Wolf found out just how much Jason teased Affleck about his new look.

“It’s kind of the flip side of Mike Judge’s first film, Office Space, where you sort of connected with the suffering workers and hated the boss. I’m not a boss hater, I’ve always liked my bosses. So I was happy to play the man in charge…”


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Patton Oswalt: I’m Not Your Typical Leading Man

Comedian Patton Oswalt has gone for laughs on screens large [Ratatouille, Observe and Report] and small [King of Queens, Reno 911!] while taking his stand-up act on the road.

Now, he’s sort of the leading man in Big Fan. He stars as a devoted fan whose obsessive support of the New York Giants and their star quarterback leads him down a dark path.’s Jeanne Wolf found out that the less-than-svelte Oswalt feels he has something in common with a lot of superfans.

“I kind of fit the mold. If you’ve ever been to Comic-Con, you see shirtless guys, all these crazy comic book geeks, with painted bodies that don’t tend to be cut and slim. They tend to be more shaped like me, so I’m the perfect…”


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Emile Hirsch: I’m Going To Give Shakespeare Scholars Cardiac Arrest

Emile Hirsch was on his way to becoming a leading man after starring in Into the Wild and Speed Racer. But now he’s taking a small but pivotal role as a Vietnam vet trying to adjust to returning home in Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock.’s Jeanne Wolf uncovered the reason why Hirsch wasn’t worried about how much time you see him on-screen.

And Hirsch will be back in the spotlight this fall when he begins filming on a modern-day version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“As soon as I heard Ang Lee was interested in me, I knew I was going to do the film even before I got the script. I’ve been a fan of Ang ever since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which I absolutely adored. And course Brokeback Mountain just blew me away….”


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Rob Zombie Takes Off The Mask In ‘Halloween 2’

As Rob Zombie puts it, “No guts, no glory.” Forget the naysayers who said America wasn’t ready for a remake of the classic Halloween. The rocker turned filmmaker scored at the box office with his own spin on the terrifying saga of Michael Myers. And now he’s back with a sequel.

The blood flows again in Halloween 2, but the biggest surprise may be seeing the iconic monster without his trademark mask.’s Jeanne Wolf found out why Zombie decided to break with tradition.

“When we were shooting the first Halloween, Tyler Mane, who played Michael, would have his hockey mask on and I knew he was doing all these facial expressions that we didn’t get to see. I would think, ‘Man he looks so intense…”


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