Chris Brown at Court 1:45pm today

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Megan Fox Says ‘No’ To Nudity

Stunning actress Megan Fox adds a sexy dimension to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Shia LaBeouf. And it’s hard to keep your mind on the battling bots with Fox showing some skin in Michael Bay’s sequel to the box office-busting original. opposite co-star

Fox is in the middle of all the action, and she told’s Jeanne Wolf that it wasn’t any easier the second time around.

“It’s a super physical movie, and Shia and Ramon Rodriguez, who’s the new guy this time around, are not only extremely athletic, they’re very competitive. When we were…”


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Michelle Pfeiffer: ‘My Leading Men Get Younger The Older I Get’

Who could blame a teenager for falling in love with Michelle Pfeiffer? She looks luminous and beautiful as the older woman seducing a younger man in her new film, Cheri.

Today, some might call her a cougar, but Pfeiffer plays a French courtesan in the sexy period romance, based on the classic novel by Colette. She told’s Jeanne Wolf that, when it comes to age defining love, times have changed.

“We have the freedom to make choices in relationships that aren’t considered social taboos. There are prices to be paid for people who go against the grain, but at least…”


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Jack Black Makes ‘Film History’

Jack Black is wiling to go a long way for a laugh, and in Year One, he’s back in the Stone Age. He and Michael Cera play a couple of primitive hunters who stumble into a biblical land.

But don’t expect any squeaky clean history lessons from this PG-13 comedy. Jack Black told’s Jeanne Wolf that when you’re being funny, the gags sometimes leave the realm of good taste.

“I took my cues from [director] Harold Ramis. He’d be watching a take on the video monitor and I would hear him laughing. He did what I call…”


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Sofia Vassilieva: Cameron Diaz Gave Me Strength

Sofia Vassilieva faces plenty of challenges on the NBC hit Medium, playing a teen who discovers she has the same powers as her psychic mom. But what Vassilieva goes through in prime-time hardly measures up to what she suffers through on the big screen in My Sister’s Keeper.

In the film, directed by Nick Cassavetes, Vassilieva plays a girl stricken with cancer whose mother (Cameron Diaz) is determined to save her, no matter what. Sofia, who shaved her head for the role, told’s Jeanne Wolf that there were moments when she wondered if she was going to be able to pull it off.

“You see yourself in the mirror and it just hits you. Off camera, in some of the toughest scenes, I’d be crying hysterically between…”


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