Adam Sandler Doesn’t Laugh at Sex Scenes

Forget the jokes in “Men, Women & Children.” Adam Sandler gets dramatic and he admits it wasn’t easy. OK there was one thing Adam didn’t mind – his sex scene with an escort booked from the internet.

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Denzel Washington Takes Justice Into His Own Hands

The lethal violence is in your face as Denzel Washington faces a gang of creeps in “The Equalizer.” Denzel has his own thoughts on vigilante justice, and check out his take on stardom, “First they hail you, then they nail you, ask Jesus.”

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Elle Fanning and Sir Ben Kingsley Go Head to Head

Ben Kingsley provides the voice of a nasty villain and Elle Fanning fights back as he tries to exterminate the Boxtrolls (a little pesky but hard not to love.) Sir Ben loved chewing the scenery and Elle loved getting feisty. The winner is? Oh come on, you can guess.

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Is Bill Hader Becoming A Drama Queen?

Bill got famous making us laugh. Talk about a change of pace. In the “The Skeleton Twins,” he and former SNL co-star Kirsten Wiig mix the comedy with some serious moments that will leave you reaching for a tissue.

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Liam Neeson Still Loves Being A Tough Guy

Liam Neeson is truly one of the best at what he does. What a treat to sit down and talk to him about his new film, A Walk Among the Tombstones, in theaters today!

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