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Closer Encounters ™ – Harry Belafonte

The legendary performer doesn’t take himself too seriously as he tells me about his incredible crowded life – songs we love, a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Belafonte has made a difference.

Closer Encounters ™ – Cameron Diaz Tickles

Cameron Diaz doesn’t hold back as she unleashes memorable zingers about not feeling beautiful, what it takes to get low down for laughs, and why men just don’t understand the power of women. Watch her reduce Antonio Banderas into a fit of giggles.

Closer Encounters ™ – Jim Carrey Exposes Himself

The rubber-faced comedian who’ll do just about anything for a laugh, isn’t all fun and games. Check out this very revealing portrait of a superstar who has given a little thought to what’s really important in life from doing it his way and going for broke to getting a kick out of his new grandson.

Closer Encounters ™ – With Johnny Depp

From his days as a TV teen-heartthrob to becoming the most popular big screen pirate ever, Johnny Depp reveals himself in ways that may surprise you.