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LAX Has a New VIP Terminal – Jeanne Wolf on Sky News

I talked to Sky News about the new Los Angeles terminal for Celebs and VIPs willing to pay the price. There’s total privacy, a driver takes you right to the plane, and no pesky paparazzi! Next time you ask for … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner Lets Down His Hair

Bruce Jenner declares that he is a woman. That’s the much anticipated shocker. I told Sky News that the surprise is his sense of humor and sense of freedom about his life long secret.

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Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy: Jeanne Wolf Talks to BBC International

BBC International asked me to say a few things about Leonard Nimoy after his passing. He told me once that he advised his younger self, Zachary Quinto in Star Trek (2009), to “Do what you feel is right. Follow your … Continue reading

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Handcuffs on the Girls Viewing “Fifty Shades of Grey?” Jeanne Wolf Explains Why on CNN International

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BBC-TV Discussing Oscars Nominees Luncheon with Jeanne Wolf

BBC-TV called me and said, “Jeanne, tell us about the Brits at The Oscars Nominees Luncheon.” Of course, I started with Eddie Redmayne. (Benedict Cumberbatch was working in London so, for once, I didn’t have to choose between the two.) … Continue reading

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