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Remembering Florence Henderson on KCBS

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Isabelle Huppert Goes For Revenge Against A Rapist

Isabelle Huppert is surrounded by shocking surprises in “Elle.” After she is brutally abused, Huppert lays a suspenseful trap for her attacker. She told me why she doesn’t feel as brave and daring as the woman she plays.

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Not Even John Lithgow Imagined Himself Playing Winston Churchill

You won’t believe Lithgow as Winston Churchill. Even he didn’t! In my interview with him for The Saturday Evening Post he told me, “I would never cast myself as Winston Churchill but when Steven Daldry cast me as Winston Churchill, … Continue reading

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Love Has A Lot To Do With It

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga play a couple taking their case for interracial marriage to the Supreme Court in “Loving.” It’s history but it’s also moving story about the power of love.

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