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The Real Way the Election is Being Rigged

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” entertained and engaged me. It also thoroughly frightened me by exposing evidence of extreme hanky-panky surrounding efforts to suppress votes.
The approach is clever and appealing – so much that it can take us away from the message. The attention-getting style is fun in the way that “The Big Short” and Michael Moore took on significant subjects with statistics and smirks. The resources and research are very compelling and extremely terrifying. If we know about the dirty tricks and tricksters why isn’t more being done to clean up our voting system?
So, I say, see the film- it will make an impression. But don’t stop there. Pay attention and help shine a light on every horrific plot to deny the dignity and the vote to thousands of people.

Ewan McGregor Struggles with Being a Dad

Ewan McGregor seems to have it all in American Pastoral: success, a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter. Then his life falls apart when his kid joins radicals opposed to the Vietnam War. Ewan told me that, with four daughters of his own, he identified with the challenges of getting parenting right.

Tyler Perry Won’t Be Madea at the Halloween Party

Tyler Perry returns again as the tough grandma who tells it like it is in “Boo: A Madea Halloween.” In case you’re counting, it’s her ninth appearance on the big screen. In spite of Madea’s popularity, Tyler told me why you’ll never see him trick or treating in a wig and heels.

Rebecca Hall Relives a Shocking True Story

Rebecca Hall went to some dark places in “Christine,” as TV News reporter Christine Chubbuck who felt her career and life were at a dead-end and finally killed herself on a live newscast. Rebecca was just glad her new husband had a role and was there to comfort her behind-the-scenes.

Rare Birds of Hollywood: Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez has gone from tough lady to teacher. Ever since she traded punches in Girlfight, Michelle Rodriguez has held her own in hard driving action flicks. But she’ll surprise you with her latest role in Milton’s Secret.