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Gene Wilder Is Unforgettable

Gene Wilder told me he loved making people laugh. No matter where he was in the world, kids would say, “There’s Willy Wonka!” With that sweet face, that hair, those eyes – wow! He is truly unforgettable. RIP.

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Fyvush Finkel Loved The Life He Lived

Fyvush Finkel had more fun being famous than any one you’ve ever seen which always made talking to him such a delight. His “Boston Public” and “Picket Fences” fans adored him. He won an Emmy for playing the eccentric lawyer, … Continue reading

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Has Ashleigh Banfield Given Up Her Trademark?

OK, it’s not like Budweiser changing its name to America, if only briefly, but when you have product identification you have to be careful about messing with the brand. Am I the only one who noticed that Ashleigh Banfield just … Continue reading

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Kelly Ripa’s “Arranged Marriage!”

At the posh and buzzy Fox party at Soho House in Beverly Hills, I teased Kelly Ripa: “You’re going for the most publicly arranged marriage in America!” Ripa didn’t deny that trying out one hot guy after another to be … Continue reading

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Bob Costas Lays Out The Qualities That Make An Olympic Champion

                      Click the image above to see my interview with Bob Costas for the Saturday Evening Post. Bob told me what makes a champion and his special memories from almost 25 … Continue reading

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