Monthly Archives: May 2016

Kate Beckinsale Makes “Love and Friendship” Come Alive!

The latest Jane Austen book to hit the screen gives Kate a chance to play a fascinating bundle of contradictions. I loved her even when I didn’t believe a word she said!

Greta Gerwig Learned About Love at the Movies

In Maggie’s Plan, Greta Gerwig plays a woman in a relationship that’s unusual to say the least. She’s trying to reunite the married man with whom she had an affair and the family he tried to leave behind.

Colin Farrell and John C. Reilly Try to Crack The Lobster

Colin Farrell and John C. Reilly star in The Lobster. I couldn’t even begin to describe this film so I asked Colin and John and THEY couldn’t even agree on it!

Ewan McGregor Dares To Play Jesus Christ in Last Days In The Desert

Ewan McGregor ventures into the desert in Last Days In The Desert. The actor takes on the role of both Jesus Christ and The Devil in this film about doubt, temptation, and the role of God in our lives.

Garrison Keillor In the New Issue of Saturday Evening Post

Garrison Keillor told me: “We were not in show business. My parents brought me up thinking it was wrong to go to shows. Then suddenly, I became one.”
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