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My Time at George Washington Prep through BAFTA-LA

Jeanne with Darryl McCane, Film Teacher at Washington Preparatory High School


Meet Darryl McCane.

He teaches film at Washington Preparatory High School. He is a fabulous “coach” with a spirit you feel at first hand shake (truth in reporting, I got a kiss and hug). He is the kind
of real star you want to show your children the way – on stage, in the classroom, and in life. He’s talented, hilarious, wise, and shares all of his energy with class after class of students who dare to get up and test out their creativity and their voices.

A big THANK YOU to Sharyn Ross and BAFTA for inviting me to come and trade
ideas with Mr. McCann’s cast of characters. Sharyn is a “regular” at
the school after years of volunteering. She laughs and claps and
guides. You can tell the kids adore her and respect her.

I was first hand witness to the life-impacting work BAFTA Los Angeles
does with its volunteer mentors. I’ll definitely be going back to “help” and get
more personal inspiration!

Here are just a few of the wonderful students I met in my time there:

Jeanne with students

GWPHS students reading their work

I gave them flashlights!



Norman Lear Calls Donald Trump America’s Middle Finger

Norman Lear told Jeanne Wolf that Trump doesn’t have his children’s interests in mind.

Jeanne Wolf: What do you think of people who say – there are a lot of them – Donald Trump is our new Archie Bunker?

Norman Lear: Donald Trump is our new Archie Bunker. That’s interesting. I want to believe that the American people are holding up Donald Trump as they might their middle finger and they’re giving the middle finger to the establishment, to all of us – left and right – because they are badly served by the establishment. We are a culture of excess. That’s our biggest product: excess. In everything. He is excessively assholian. I think the American people understand that and this is their way of saying, “This is how you’re taking care of us? You leaders? Take this.” Then they give us Donald Trump.

JW: At least he’s shaken up the conversation. He’s made everybody stop talking and stop accepting the idea that they can talk in these canned messages, yes?

NL: I infer from your question that you think Donald Trump has something on his mind other than himself and I’m not sure of that. Donald Trump is selling his own product and I don’t think he has my kids in mind and their future.

Read more about Norman in his book, Even This I Get To Experience, now out in paperback.

Blythe Danner Wows in I’ll See You In My Dreams




Blythe Danner in Saturday Evening Post

Blythe Danner‬ is one of my absolute favorites! I spoke with her for Saturday Evening Post about her newest film, I’ll See You In My Dreams. It was one of my first screeners this year – so enjoyable!

Phillipe Petit on The Twin Towers

How do you dance across a wire between the Twin Towers? Very carefully Joseph Gordon- Levitt found out while filming “The Walk”. The original wire walker of that perilous journey, Philippe Petit, showed Levitt how to do it. I asked Petit how much he misses his beloved towers.