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RIP Dick Van Patten

Jeanne with Dick Van Patten









Dick loved being known for Eight is Enough and he once told me that Tom Bradford, the dad on the show, was popular “because he was real. His love for his family overruled his common sense.” Dick was the best Dad on and off screen. One of the real “good guys” in Hollywood – he played tennis to win, played the horses for fun, and smiled as he declared, “I work hard to say lucky.”

Paul Dano Channels Brian Wilson

Paul Dano virtually disappears into the role of “Beach Boys” co-founder Brian Wilson in “Love and Mercy.” Dano tells Jeanne Wolf the toughest part was belting out some of his greatest hits.

John Cusack Feels The Pain of Brian Wilson in “Love And Mercy”

John Cusack plays “Beach Boys” Brian Wilson as he turns his back on huge success to battle drugs and a mental breakdown. John discovered the tough survivor behind the suffering that helped Wilson make a comeback.

The University of Miami Honors Jeanne and Sylvester Stallone

I owe a lot to the University of Miami – the classes and relationships there helped shape me both as a person and a professional. For many years, I have funded “The Jeanne Wolf Scholarship” at the U of M School of Communications to encourage future broadcasters. For my efforts, I was recognized by the school as an Alumnus of the Year and I couldn’t be more proud!

Go ‘Canes!

Why Dermot Mulroney Was Spooked by Insidious: Chapter 3

Dermot Mulroney fights evil spirits to save his daughter in “Insidious Chapter 3.” He tells Jeanne Wolf why that got to him because with his own kids he’s a super protective Dad.