Monthly Archives: April 2015

RIP Jayne Meadows


Jayne Meadows was fast and flamboyant! We served turkey together with lots of laughs. Wife of Steve Allen and sister of Audrey Meadows. She will be missed.

Bruce Jenner Lets Down His Hair

Bruce Jenner declares that he is a woman. That’s the much anticipated shocker. I told Sky News that the surprise is his sense of humor and sense of freedom about his life long secret.

Unfriended Turns Skype Into Horror’s Next Frontier

“Unfriended” stretches screen possibilities. It’s shot entirely on Skype. If you think we’re all going straight to Hell on the internet this flick proves your point. Hard to describe ‘til you see it, you’ll be scared by the story and the idea of what digital images do to our minds. I was totally caught up in the experience.