Monthly Archives: March 2015

Scott Glenn’s Warning About Serial Killers

Scott Glenn wields a lethal razor and leaves a trail of bodies in “The Barber.” He reveals what he learned about psychopathic murderers like Ted Bundy by playing one. Nice guys aren’t always what they seem.

Will Ferrell Naked Again

In case you’ve missed Will Ferrell’s bare body in other big screen appearances check out Get Hard. Maybe his co-star Kevin Hart was the smart one. He kept his clothes on. But both of them go shockingly over the top for laughs.

William H. Macy Is an Actor, a Father, and a…Bad Boy?

William H Macy in Walter

I interviewed one of my favorites, William H. Macy, for The Mid. He told me why he loves his small role in ‪‎Walter‬, what it’s like to be the father to two beautiful girls, and how he likes to unwind.

You can find my interview here: Is William H. Macy The Best Husband Ever?

Empire’s Terrence Howard Has A New Controversy

Terrence Howard‬ dared to say it out…too much questionably motivated sensitivity…not that I want everyone to run around spouting expletives–but I don’t want people tarred and feathered unless they exhibit hurtful behavior along with the “bad words!”

How Al Pacino Kept Fame From Destroying Him

Al Pacino is an aging rock icon in “Danny Collins” who’s sold out for success. Al reveals what he learned in his own struggle not to give in to temptation and what it was like acting with his six-year-old co-star, Giselle Eisenberg.