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My Time at The 87th Academy Awards

I couldn’t resist posting a picture from the red carpet! What a show. I’ve been telling you how much I love Eddie Redmayne! So happy to see him walk away with the award.

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Kevin Costner Gets Tough in McFarland, USA

Kevin Costner plays a real-life coach who doesn’t cut teenage migrant workers any slack as he transforms them into a winning high school cross country team. Kevin told me why he used some of that tough love on the cast … Continue reading

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Handcuffs on the Girls Viewing “Fifty Shades of Grey?” Jeanne Wolf Explains Why on CNN International

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BBC-TV Discussing Oscars Nominees Luncheon with Jeanne Wolf

BBC-TV called me and said, “Jeanne, tell us about the Brits at The Oscars Nominees Luncheon.” Of course, I started with Eddie Redmayne. (Benedict Cumberbatch was working in London so, for once, I didn’t have to choose between the two.) … Continue reading

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Anne Hathaway Searches for A New Life

Anne Hathaway may be a Hollywood winner but she could still identify with a woman trying to find love and fulfillment. In her new movie Song One, co-produced by her husband, she reveals why.

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