Monthly Archives: October 2013

Chris Hemsworth Talks Being both a Daddy and a Super-Hero

Chris Hemsworth shows his softer side as a Daddy after destroying a lot of bad guys in “Thor: The Dark World.” I met Chris’s adorable daughter and he revealed to me that getting silly with her is the best part of life. He leaves no doubt that being a super-hero takes second place.

Matthew McConaughey Mans Up to the Grim Reaper

Matthew McConaughey tells me what it’s like to lose forty pounds and face imminent death in 30 days. In “Dallas Buyers Club” Matthew takes on the most challenging role of his career as a hard-living Texas cowboy infected with AIDS. He fights back by finding a unique and questionable way to make new experimental drugs available to HIV patients.

Jeanne Talks With Robert Redford About “All Is Lost”

Robert Redford felt like he really was facing the end in “All Is Lost”. Alone on the screen for two hours in a sinking sailboat, he put himself in the middle of the storm tossed action. Just don’t ask him about all the Oscar buzz surrounding his one-man show.