Monthly Archives: April 2012

You Won’t Believe Jack Black in “Bernie”

Jack Black in the role of his career, hymn-singing care-giving undertaker who murders the meanest lady in town…Shirley MacLaine. She thinks Black deserves an Oscar for his performance in this super dark comedy.

Kevin Kline in Cell Phone Hell

The Oscar winning actor can’t believe people pay Broadway ticket prices and then whip out their mobiles.

Is It Better To Be Scrawny Or Brawny In Hollywood?

Some critics complained that Jennifer Lawrence looked too well-fed in “Hunger Games.” After losing lots of pounds for his part in “Mildred Pierce,” the directors told Guy Pearce he looked too skinny for his role in “Lockout.” But Guy wasn’t worried. He just revisited his teenage roots as a body building champ.

Mario Van Peebles Weighs in on Hoodies

In “We The Party,” a kid wearing a hoodie is suspected of being a bad guy. Van Peebles, and his son Mandela who co-stars, speak out on the painful relevance to the killing of Treyvon Martin.