Monthly Archives: March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Says “Titanic” Made Him A Romantic

Just before “Titanic” was released to make him King of the Screen, Leonardo DiCaprio tells how playing Jack’s passion for Rose helped him become an old-fashioned romantic. Now, you can catch the pair’s sizzling love scene again as “Titanic” returns in 3D.

Could Jennifer Lawrence survive the Hunger Games?

In our interview with “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, we had to ask how she thought she would do in the Hunger Games competition herself. And we couldn’t have guessed what she would compare herself to.

Jennifer Lawrence — Action Babe

The pressure, the pressure. Jennifer Lawrence upped her game – way up – for “Hunger Games.” Next movie, Jennifer’s thing of a luxurious trailer and a warm latte.

Taylor Kitsch Swings a Big Sword As John Carter Out to Save Mars

Get a look at the guy who – next – will save Earth in “Battleship.” The “Friday Night Lights” star Taylor Kitsch is making a bid for action hero stardom in “John Carter.” Joining him to save Mars is Lynn Collins, who called her sword “Kitten.” Forget the epic battle scenes, they both look great wearing next to nothing.