Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ryan Reynolds KO’s Denzel Washington. “Safe House” wasn’t safe for those guys…

POW! Right in the kisser. Ryan Reynolds tells why he gave Denzel Washington a shiner in “Safe House.” They weren’t faking those fights.

Kate Beckinsale Is Back — Sexy Underworld Suit and All

Kate Beckinsale really kicks Lycan butt in “Underworld: The Awakening.” She’s hotter than ever and twice as tough. But Kate reveals why she had some doubts about making those kicks and punches look real.

Star Wars Meets WWII in “Red Tails”

George Lucas fought a long battle to bring “Red Tails” to the screen. The little known story of the Tuskegee Airmen, Black American pilots in WW II risking their lives, has the kind of action Lucas put into “Star Wars.” And the cast from Cuba Gooding Jr to Ne-yo went for broke to make the heart-stopping dogfights edge of your seat real.

Sam Worthington Admits His Fears

Was Sam Worthington just acting scared when he looked down from 24 stories high in “Man On A Ledge?” Sam confesses along with how he felt as the crowd below yelled for him to jump. And his co-star Elizabeth Banks reveals why she and the hunky Avatar guy didn’t get a big love scene.