Monthly Archives: November 2011

What Do Vampires Do At Weddings?

The Cullen clan holds back fangs and gets absolutely sentimental talking about the wedding weve been waiting for in “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

Michelle Williams Puts On The Lips & Hips To Play Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams could get the Oscar that Marilyn Monroe never did in “My Week With Marilyn.” I sat down with the star to find out what it was like getting into – and out of – the role.

Robert Pattinson Bites And Kisses Kristen Stewart From “Breaking Dawn” Straight To The Box Office

Robert Pattinson admits it’s harder doing movie scenes with someone your really close to. Of course he’s talking about Bella and Kristen.

Kristen Stewart Loved Her Wedding Day In “Breaking Dawn”

Kristen Stewart says if you’re going to do romance on the screen – you must go “all the way.”