Monthly Archives: October 2011

Johnny Depp Takes It To The Limit And Beyond

Johnny Depp heats up his image in “The Rum Diary” playing the alter ego of the legendary writer and world class substance abuser Hunter S. Thompson. Depp tells why he and Thompson had an intense real-life connection in everything but drug and alcohol consumption. And what Johnny sees when he looks in the mirror may surprise you.

Martin Sheen Tells Why he Had to Love Charlie More

Playing a dad who loses his son in “The Way,” brought back memories for Martin Sheen of trying to cope with Charlie’s downward spiral. Martin is directed in the moving adventure by his son Emilio Estevez who reveals why his dad insisted on doing his own rip-roaring stunts.

Closer Encounters ™ – Harry Belafonte

The legendary performer doesn’t take himself too seriously as he tells me about his incredible crowded life – songs we love, a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Belafonte has made a difference.

Harry Belafonte Not Just Tough on Cain, Has Sharp Words For Obama Too

Harry Belafonte called Republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, a “bad apple.’ But, don’t pigeonhole him. In my interview he was even tougher on Barack Obama, though he actively supported his campaign. Belafonte didn’t hold back.

Check here later this week for my full interview with Belafonte about his HBO documentary “Sing Your Song.”