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Remembering Peter Falk

Peter Falk as Columbo

"One more thing..."

Peter Falk was known worldwide as that rumpled detective “Colombo.” To me, he was a classy guy who could charm you with his wit and style. Peter was hilariously funny, thoughtful and profound and didn’t mind at all if people thought he was that grumpy guy they knew from TV. I have to tell you, he was actually a sweety.

One night he and I were both at a dinner party at a very posh home. I walked over to his table to say hello…and one of the guests said to me, “Don’t go over there…they said not to bother Mr. Falk.” Peter heard and turned around, “Hey, Jeanne, come bother me.”

Peter told me his trademark beat-up raincoat was actually his own that he wore in an episode of Columbo because it was a rainy day. After a few decades the coat was in tatters but it still hung in his closet.

While he was proud of playing the polite quirky detective that made him famous, he wanted people to know that he was a true “actor.”

He was nominated twice for Academy Awards, for Murder Inc. and Pocketful of Miracles. He was unforgettable in The Princess Bride and Women Under the Influence. An important film by John Cassavetes. He won four Emmys and even a Tony award.

No one will forget his distinct voice or his unique talent.

Closer Encounters ™ – Cameron Diaz Tickles

Cameron Diaz doesn’t hold back as she unleashes memorable zingers about not feeling beautiful, what it takes to get low down for laughs, and why men just don’t understand the power of women. Watch her reduce Antonio Banderas into a fit of giggles.

Clarence Clemons’ Smiling Sax

Clarence Clemons Playing with Bruce Springsteen

Clarence Clemons Playing with Bruce Springsteen

“Big Man”, “Big C”, Clarence Clemons has died. Bruce Springsteen’s horn man’s smile was as melodic as the magic he created with his saxophone. He always was joyous on stage . He once told me about his formula for happiness:

“I guess it’s my nature. I’m a fun guy. When you think of me you’re supposed to think of a good time. I used to be a real wild guy. I’ve started to mellow out. But I still have fun !!!”

His latest gig was playing with Lady GaGa on “The Edge of Glory. In the video there is no mistaking the music man sitting on the steps with the big sax. Clemons told me that music was his cure for the blues (not musical blues of course):

“It’s just happens automatic. I can walk out and I feel bad, down. Once I’m on that stage, it’s like flicking a button, you know?”

From the moment he met Bruce he knew everything would come around for him. Clarence even looked back at the tough times with a laugh.

“We would all ride in one station wagon, running out of gas during the gas strikes. Trying to get a gig. Those were the fun days. Now you get off a Lear jet and you’re whisked away to a hotel and people scream. That’s cool too but enjoying the struggle is always the best.”

I struggle to envision Springsteen without his exuberant play mate.

Closer Encounters ™ – Jim Carrey Exposes Himself

The rubber-faced comedian who’ll do just about anything for a laugh, isn’t all fun and games. Check out this very revealing portrait of a superstar who has given a little thought to what’s really important in life from doing it his way and going for broke to getting a kick out of his new grandson.

Jim Carrey Confesses His Penguin Love

OK, it’s not “The Dating Game.” But Jim Carrey was smitten by six little critters who don’t like it when a relationship gets too hot. Check out what really went on behind the scenes in “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” as Carrey bonded by going far enough to stick a fish in his nose.