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Russell Brand Found Out The Rabbit Died

What happened when the off-the-wall Brit played the Easter Bunny in “Hop?” Hint: He was reminded of gerbil cannibalism. So what happened when he went on to the role that Dudley Moore made famous in the re-make of “Arthur?” Hint: His co-star Helen Mirren hit below the belt. And Jeanne Wolf couldn’t get out of the room without locking lips with him.

Celebrating Elizabeth Taylor

Since Elizabeth Taylor’s death I’ve been remembering some of the outstanding moments of her grand life. I was there for many of her happiest times. I want to take you back to her big birthday party at Disneyland. Watch her giggle with delight and, just for fun, check out the hair!!

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Remembering Elizabeth
As I make the rounds from Fox News to CBS to Australian Broadcasting and the BBC to talk about Elizabeth Taylor, I’m reminded how deeply her death has touched people around the world. It’s hard to put into words the loss we feel, but let me try.

Elizabeth Taylor [she always hated to be called Liz, by the way] was the last great movie star. She leaves us to remember her movies, her life and her legacy. Behind her glamour and stunning beauty-set-off by those violet eyes, was a talented actress and a warm human being. She could make you laugh, and occasionally gasp, when she added some salty language to her pithy observations about everything from love and marriage to her struggles to overcome debilitating physical challenges. The Elizabeth I’ll remember is a woman who knew how to wear her fame. She could let it surround her like a necklace of diamonds, or put it aside to be, if not down to earth, at least disarmingly amused by her own celebrity. Above all she cared about more than being an Oscar-winning icon. She cared about the world. I’m sure she’s hoping that even if you’re renting one of her classic movies to pay her tribute, you won’t forget that she was a lot more than a famous face.

Mathew McConaughey Goes To Court

Matthew McConaughey dreamed about being a lawyer, and now he’s playing one in “The Lincoln Lawyer.” Matthew tells Jeanne Wolf why he was shocked by what he discovered about the LA legal system, and why he loved getting dramatic in the intense thriller.

Charlie Sheen Is Not An Alien But Paul Is

Could there really be a bad boy from outer space among us? Nick Frost and Simon Pegg from the wacky comedy “Paul,” try to figure out if the potty-mouthed extra terrestrial might be closer to the real thing than ET.