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Oscar Teases With Promises, Seduces With High Expectations

Jeanne Wolf spends the night on the red carpet at the Academy Awards with a handsome guy. That would be Oscar, who’s celebrating his 83rd birthday. A look back at some memorable moments plus Wolfgang Puck showing you what the hungry stars chow down on after the show.

Strangest thing Johnny Depp has ever done?

I talked to Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher for the upcoming film “Rango,” in which Depp plays Rango, a swashbuckling chameleon, who lands in a Western town plagued by bandits.

Good Luck To Allison Janney! New Show “Mr. Sunshine”

Fingers crossed for a stellar premiere for Mr. Sunshine tonight on ABC. The show stars Mathew Perry as manager of a San Diego sports arena owned by an out of control woman played by Allison Janney.  Janney had us in stitches the other day talking about her role as Matthew’s boss, Crystal.


“That was one of the funniest moments I’ve ever had.  It wasn’t in the script that Crystal slaps him.  His character was doing something that made me think, ‘That’s just wrong.  I’m going to slap him.’

He just stopped, and he was like ‘You just slapped me.  You just slapped me!  Why did you slap me?’  He was so shocked and I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know.  I just felt like Crystal would slap you.’  Everyone laughed.

So, now he’s always slightly nervous working with me.  He’s got that look in his eye of, ‘Oh, my God, what are you going to do?’  Sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to do either.”


“Crystal’s that kind of person who screams in church or does things that can be just so deliciously wrong.  I wish I would be that kind of person who would just like get up and leave because I’m bored right now.  You know, just be honest and say whatever’s on her mind.  I love the possibilities of her that way.”

Leighton Meester…Gossip Girl Gets Evil in The Roommate

Think Single White Female goes to college. Leighton Meester gets the creepy role in The Roommate. It takes co-star Minka Kelly a while to figure out that she might just be a psychotic. Meanwhile, hunky Cam Gigandet is around to provide some sexual healing.

Minka Kelly and Cam Gigandet share a steamy kiss… or did they?

Leighton Meester had fun being evil in The Roommate, but when it came to getting passionate with co-star Cam Gigandet she got left out. Minka Kelly, who has a lot of fans from Friday Night Lights, got to lock lips with the sexy guy from Twilight. And I found out they had a game plan for their big smooch.

Cam: “I’ve learned to, you know, to be as patient as possible and to not have any grey areas when you begin a scene like that. You don’t want to be the actor that starts to push things, and push another actor into certain unpleasant areas.”

Leave it to a guy to be a little evasive about kissing. Minka didn’t beat around the bush.

Minka: “No Tongue, don’t you know. Also be respectful of each others space really. We just did what we had to do.”

Does that sound romantic or what?