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Rupert Grint: ‘It’s Hard to Think of Life Before Harry Potter’

Rupert Grint has held his own opposite Daniel Radcliffe, even though he’s been in the shadow of Harry Potter as the ever-faithful Ron Weasely.

Now, Grint gets a chance to go head-to-head with Radcliffe in some heavy drama in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2. Grint told Parade’s Jeanne Wolf the surprises in store as the series of blockbuster films finally reaches the end.

Rupert Grint

“You see a different side to…”

…

Who’s the happiest man in Hollywood today?

The answer is: Mark Wahlberg.

Six Golden Globe nominations for his film, “The Fighter.” Plus, Mark got a best actor nod.

And that’s not all…

Many people don’t realize that Wahlberg put together the HBO TV drama series, “Boardwalk Empire” which received three golden nominations.

Earlier this week the American Film Institute named “The Fighter” one of the ten best films of the year and “Boardwalk Empire” one of the top ten TV shows.

What else is making him smile?

Mark Walhberg on cover of
See the cover of “Sports Illustrated” and Mark in his satin boxers. OK, I mean boxing trunks. Though he promised never to appear in just his Calvins again, Mark had to show off his new bod which he sculpted just for his star turn as Welterweight Champion Mickey Ward.

Congrats Mark. And excuse us if we whistle too.

Mila Kunis: Sex Scene With Natalie Portman ‘Wasn’t Done for Shock Value’

Mila Kunis displays some dazzling moves in Black Swan as a laid-back ballerina who’s the opposite of the uptight perfectionist played by Natalie Portman.

Both actresses were determined not to fake the dancing in the dark thriller. Kunis told Parade’s Jeanne Wolf what she went through to make it real. Plus, what it took to get through a shockingly explicit moment of on-screen passion with her co-star, not to mention going even further in her next film with Justin Timberlake.

Jim Carrey

“I appreciated her ability to separate…”

…