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Randy & Evi Quaid Seek Asylum from Star Whackers in Canada

After a string of bizarre run-ins with the law in the United States, Randy and Evi Quaid were arrested this time in Canada. Now they are seeking asylum from “Star Whackers” claiming that their lives are in danger.

Jeanne Wolf, West Coast Editor of Parade Magazine, helps CBC News unravel this difficult to comprehend story.

Charlie Sheen Naked, Incoherent, Intoxicated on Brink of Disaster

Charlie Sheen was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation after his latest intoxicated rampage at Plaza Hotel in New York. Jeanne Wolf talks to KABC about public response and Sheen’s future.

Matt Damon: I Want to ‘Raise My Four Girls to Be Strong Women’

Matt Damon is number one on Clint Eastwood’s list. After starring in Invictus, Damon is returning as the leading man in Eastwood’s next film Hereafter, as a psychic that can speak to people in the afterlife.

Damon reveals to Parade’s Jeanne Wolf his own perspective on the afterlife and why he’s decided that when it comes to raising a family, four is enough.

Matt Damon

“I’ve never met anyone with the power…”

…

Shannen Doherty: ‘I’ve Learned From My Mistakes’

Shannen Doherty has not only played more than a few bad girls, she earned the reputation of being one in real life.

Now, the 39-year-old actress, who first grabbed tabloid headlines while playing Brenda on Beverly Hills, 90210, is looking back on her misadventures in her first book Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide to Living Life with Style and (the Right) Attitude.

She tells Parade’s Jeanne Wolf about her determination to change her image and learn from her mistakes.

Shannen Doherty

“I have a rep. Did I earn it?…”

…

Rick Springfield on His Sex Addiction, Depression and Attempted Suicide

Rick Springfield joins the ranks of celebrities who are open to revealing their darker sides. In his painfully confessional autobiography Late, Late At Night, the Grammy Award-winning singer and actor serves up details of his tormented childhood and a years-long struggle with sex addiction that threatened to destroy his marriage and career.

Springfield told Parade’s Jeanne Wolf why he felt it was time to be totally honest with his fans.

Rick Springfield

“I write to be truthful in my songs…”

…