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Maria Bello: We Have To Keep Our Eyes on Haiti

Maria Bello keeps on racking up strong performances in films big and small. She’s in the running for an Independent Spirit Award for her provocative role in Downloading Nancy, and she’s currently co-starring with William Hurt and Kristen Stewart in The Yellow Handkerchief.

Bello told’s Jeanne Wolf why she has a crush on her leading man and how she’s made helping the recovery effort in Haiti a serious priority.

“It’s easy to play a woman who’s falling in love with him. We met on History of Violence and had an immediate connection…”


Tracy Morgan: ‘I’d Give It All Up for Any of My Kids’

Tracy Morgan was a top funny man on Saturday Night Live who went on to become a hit on 30 Rock, earning an Emmy nomination for his role as Tracy Jordan. Now he’s going for laughs opposite Bruce Willis in director Kevin Smith’s Cop Out.

The irrepressible and outrageous comedian told’s Jeanne Wolf why he was ready for a major role on the big screen.

“t’s not what I seen in the script, it’s what I didn’t see. I’m playing a black man who didn’t have to drive nobody around and call nobody Miss Daisy…”


Bruce Willis: ‘This Is the Happiest Time In My Life’

Bruce Willis rejoins the NYPD in Cop Out, but he’s not reprising his role as John McClane, the detective who made him an international star in the blockbuster Die Hard films. This time out, Willis is going for laughs with 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan as a cop trying to find a way to pay for his daughter’s very expensive walk down the aisle.

Willis told’s Jeanne Wolf how he connected with the character and why he isn’t apologizing for how far he’ll go to be funny.

“The one thing I didn’t have to do any research on is what I would do for one of my daughters if she wanted something badly. That part came pretty easy…”


America Ferrera on ‘Ugly Betty’ Finale: ‘I’m Staying in Denial for Now’

America Ferrera is saying goodbye to the character that made her a star as Ugly Betty nears the end of its run on ABC. Meanwhile, you can catch Ferrera in a more grown-up role in Our Family Wedding, playing a Mexican bride-to-be whose decision to marry her African-American boyfriend creates a race-fueled family feud.’s Jeanne Wolf found out that tying the knot isn’t No. 1 on Ferrera’s mind and why she’s trying not to think about the end of her TV series.

“I’ve never really been one of those girls who grew up imagining my wedding day and you know, dreaming about it. It was weird to kind of experience the whole wedding scene…”


William Hurt: I Spent a Night In a Maximum Security Prison

William Hurt, who earned an Oscar for his riveting performance in Kiss of the Spider Woman and also received an Emmy nomination for the FX hit Damages, scored with a new generation of fans in the comic-book blockbuster The Incredible Hulk.

Now, he’s taking on a powerful role in The Yellow Handkerchief, opposite Kristen Stewart, playing an ex-convict who revisits his troubled past.’s Jeanne Wolf found out why Hurt cared a lot about the low-budget indie film and what he’s learned about dealing with stardom.

“My character is smart, but not well educated. He was born into poverty and he made a living working on oil rigs. I’ve been told I couldn’t play that kind…”