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Kevin Spacey: Hollywood is the Narcissistic Capital of the World

Kevin Spacey stars in Shrink as a flamboyant celebrity therapist whose own life is going down hill as he spends as much time with marijuana as he does with his patients.’s Jeanne Wolf found out it took a lot of work to make Spacey look… um, well, spacey. But, Kevin is still making the London’s Old Vic his number one priority. After eight years as director of the prestigious theater, he still finds time for the big screen and his latest role is a wild one.

“The guy I play is doing very well at his profession. In Hollywood there’s a whole slew of people making buckets of money as therapists. I mean, you’re knee deep in prospective patients because it’s the narcissistic capital of the world…”


Ashton Kutcher: ‘I’m Still Looking For Trouble’

Ashton Kutcher won international fame and fans with his role on the hugely popular That ’70s Show. The Spread star reveals to PARADE’s Jeanne Wolf how he handles the stress of fame. Plus, what first drew him to wife Demi Moore and how the duo make it work.

“Once I got a taste of it, I went: ‘I can do anything. I can do absolutely anything.’ And you start to believe it. I know it to be true because I’ve seen it happen. I’ve experienced it. I’m ambitious. I try to make it look like it’s not work…”


Adam Sandler: ‘I’ve Got To Let My Secret Out’

Adam Sandler goes to dark places in Judd Apatow’s Funny People, which is not to say there aren’t lots of laughs. But Sandler takes on the most challenging role of his career as a famous comic who goes off the deep end after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.’s Jeanne Wolf found out that, while Sandler connected with a funny man trying to survive, he wasn’t trying to relive his own climb to the top.

“This guy is coming from a different place than me, but there are some things that are close to home. I just gave in to what Judd Apatow wanted and didn’t think about it. If he told me to tap into something from my own experience, I did. I had to go to places in my brain that I didn’t want to go to…”


Ashley Tisdale: I Want To Play Young As Long As I Can

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is still playing a teen, but she’s a long way from East High in Aliens in the Attic. Gremlins meets E.T. in this family friendly action comedy about an invasion of extraterrestrials. In the film, Tisdale tries to cope with having an older boyfriend—not to mention the mean little critters who arrive in a spaceship.’s Jeanne Wolf found out the biggest challenge for the 24-year-old was coping with the all-star line-up of comedians in the cast.

“I was laughing nonstop on this film working with Doris Roberts and Kevin Nealon and Andy Richter and Tim Meadows. It was just a blast. I couldn’t even keep a straight face. I tried telling one of Kevin’s jokes to my dad…”


Hugh Dancy Gives His Co-Star the Cold Shoulder

Hugh Dancy is taking a step away from his British heartthrob image in Adam. And his leading-man good looks don’t distract from his deeply affecting performance as a man with Asperger’s syndrome who makes an unlikely connection with a neighbor played by Rose Byrne.’s Jeanne Wolf discovered why Dancy was ready to take a chance on his upwardly mobile Hollywood career in the very low budget indie drama.

“I was completely ignorant when I first read the script. The words ‘Asperger’s syndrome’ meant nothing to me. So I did some research and I can tell you it’s quite an overwhelming experience sitting in a room with 20 ‘Aspys,’ as they sometimes refer to themselves. There’s a great variety of characters and a great variety of symptoms…”