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Denis Leary: I’m Not Into ‘Rescue Me’ Movie

In Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Denis Leary returns as Diego, the fierce sabre-toothed tiger who’s really a softy.

Leary puts his trademark sardonic humor on hold in the PG animated feature, but he doesn’t pull any punches as firefighter Tommy Gavin in his FX hit Rescue Me. And as’s Jeanne Wolf found, Leary seems to channel Don Rickles as he shows no mercy to himself or his Ice Age co-star Ray Romano.

“I hate Ray because he’s so much richer and more famous than I will ever be, and, quite frankly, way less talented. OK, he’s won a couple of Emmys. But as far as I know, all he does now is play golf. I think he’s supposed to be in some new…”


Johnny Depp: ‘I Slum Around The World’

Johnny Depp looks great in a fedora as bank-robbing legend John Dillinger in Public Enemies.

Dillinger may have been at the top of the “Most Wanted” list, but he became a folk hero by staying one step ahead of the G-Men on his trail.  As’s Jeanne Wolf found, Depp doesn’t hide his own admiration for the famous crook.

“Back then the banks were the enemies. We’re learning today that they’ve been the enemies yet again. So when it comes to Dillinger, isn’t it somehow nice to see…”


Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad- Come On (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad) You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad- You Know It

How do you put into words the way you feel when the headline is flashed around the world: “Michael Jackson Is Dead?”

For many it was too shocking to absorb.

You tell yourself it’s a mistake. Then the confirmation of his death spread across the Internet, and people around the world shared their grief at his passing.

Michael Jackson was my friend, but millions who never met him felt the same void in their lives that I did.

How do you define his life and career?

Some of the memories that were flashing through my mind:

Michael and that other superstar Michael (as in, Jordan) on the basketball court in Chicago shooting hoops for the “Jam” video. The tiny King of Pop and the towering…


Tyrese Gibson: ‘Transformers Were More Important Than My Homework’

Tyrese Gibson is back for another round against the Decepticons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. With a string of hit albums under his belt, the Grammy-nominated singer has earned respect in Hollywood for his acting.

Gibson tells’s Jeanne Wolf that the sequel to the blockbuster is bigger, better and louder.

“Michael Bay’s nickname is ‘Boom Boom Bastard.’ He loves to make the bangs bigger and better. One of the biggest lessons we learned…”


Jeremy Renner: Playing Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Kept Me Single’

Jeremy Renner sizzles as Staff Sergeant William James in The Hurt Locker, and the role has already earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Actor. The handsome Renner has been hoping to break out after strong performances in films like The Assassination of Jesse James and North Country, not to mention a chilling turn as the cannibalistic serial killer in Dahmer.

Playing a risk-taking bomb disposal technician in Kathryn Bigelow’s searing Iraq war drama might be his chance at becoming a household name.’s Jeanne Wolf discovered that Renner got a short course in the reality of war in the Middle East.

“I was just some jerk-ass actor pretending I was a soldier, but I felt it. And you’re going to feel like you’ve been in Iraq because it’s almost like a documentary. It was 125 degrees, and there was no escaping…”