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Funny Girl Cameron Diaz Gets Serious

‘My father died almost exactly a year ago,” Cameron Diaz says. “It’s still such a huge thing in my life. There’s no way that I could ever say enough about him. I could never explain how amazing he was. A life that big, somebody that incredible, doesn’t leave. He’s still part of our family. We talk about him all the time.”

Diaz was in the midst of filming the heartbreaking My Sister’s Keeper, playing a mother fighting to save the life of her terminally ill daughter, when she faced a tragedy of her own. Her 58-year-old father, Emilio, died suddenly of complications from pneumonia. Production came to a halt as Diaz headed home to be with her family before returning to complete the film, which opens June 26.

Playing a parent facing the end of her child’s life would be a challenge for any actress, but I asked Diaz how the loss of her father influenced her performance…Read more.

Nia Vardalos On Her Battle With Infertility

After some time away from the camera, Nia Vardalos finally returns to the big screen in My Life In Ruins. The Greek-American actress who scored a surprise hit with her debut in My Big Fat Greek Wedding plays a tour guide in Greece who’s lost her mojo – or as the Greeks say “kefi” – until she meets a handsome guy who changes her life.’s Jeanne Wolf found out why she connected with her character and how her battle with infertility and the adoption of her daughter played out on screen.

Looking for kefi.

“I had lost my own way. I’m a private person and I’m not comfortable grieving in public. But about five years ago I had to face the end of a long battle with infertility and I just had to grieve. So I gave up being on camera and dealt with it very quietly. I’m very, very happy I did it because it gave me a new perspective. I was hired to write scripts by Jonathan Demme and Tom Hanks, among others. So I wrote six scripts and just tried to get my kefi back.” …Read more

Justin Long, Bad Boyfriend Material?

Actor Justin Long has gone from helping Bruce Willis fight the bad guys in Live Free or Die Hard to helping Alison Lohman cope with an evil curse in Drag Me To Hell.

In person, Justin is laid-back and cool, just like the guy he plays in those ubiquitous Apple commercials. And’s Jeanne Wolf found out that his deadpan sense of humor is, well, pretty devilish.

Playing the role was a challenge.
“My character comes from the school of thought that there’s an explanation for everything. I had to tap into somebody who is a bit more right-brained in their thinking. I’m the first to believe anything: Nessie, Bigfoot, ghosts. I feel like there are supernatural beings all around me.”…Read more

Ed Asner: Cloris Leachman 'Has A Thing For Me'

Ed Asner has played a lot of roles in his Emmy-winning career, but never an action hero. Now, at 80, he’s finally getting his chance in Pixar’s animated 3-D feature Up.

Asner voices a crotchety senior who, thanks to a bunch of balloons tied to his house, flies to the wilds of South America with an 8-year-old stowaway.’s Jeanne Wolf found that Asner is getting a kick out of his new hero status, which he describes in his own hilarious and unpredictable style.

Is he really a curmudgeon like his character?
“A little bit, yes. But you can see the warmth oozing out as I snarl at you. So don’t be surprised when I finally embrace you, hug you to my bosom and say, ‘I love you,’ which I may do at any moment.” …Read more

Alison Lohman's New Role Drove Her To Tequila

The good news for Alison Lohman is that she got the leading role in Sam Raimi’s return to the horror genre, Drag Me To Hell.

The bad news for Lohman was that starring in the new film was going to feel like she really was in hell, thanks to Raimi’s devilish determination to pull out all the stops.’s Jeanne Wolf discovered that, despite the grueling task, Lohman hasn’t lost her sense of humor.

How Sam Raimi made her suffer.
“I think it hit me, when we started doing wild stunts, that he was showing us no mercy. One of the toughest was a fight scene in my car with this lovely older actress, Lorna Raver, who becomes demonic and attacks me. Sam wouldn’t stand for any fake acting so we were really going at it. Lorna is pretty strong and she was actually strangling me at one point while I’m pulling her hair. She says I clocked her with a stapler, but if I did, it wasn’t metal. Afterward, we were comparing bruises.”…Read more