Monthly Archives: December 2008

Parade's 2008 Pop Culture Poll Results Are In…

…so get ready for some surprises and some things you might have expected.

Which celebrity made the biggest comeback? What was the most shocking story of the year? Who really needs to begin their retirement? Don’t leave your opinions at the door, take them to and join all our readers in a discussion about Pop Culture.

Adam Sandler Does PG

“Bedtime Stories” from Adam Sandler!!! Get your mind out of the potty!!! The Sand Man has gone PG — that’s what happens when your favorite outrageous comic becomes a Dad. Plenty of giggles and warm fuzzies in this story of tales which come true. Sandler on a horse? – You’ll see!!!

Beyonce Gets in the Role!

Beyonce as you have never seen her. We talk about what it was like playing Etta James, her new album and of course “Oscar Buzz.”