Monthly Archives: November 2008

Reese Witherspoon Experiments with Physical Comedy

Reese had a lot of fun improvising with Vince Vaughn in this holiday comedy. She shares her most memorable memories from the set and admits she can totally relate with the stress holidays with the family brings.

Hugh Jackman Heats Up the Screen

Hugh Jackman enjoys doing a movie about his country, and it shows. He shares with me his mixed feelings about Australia, the problems with setting goals, the steamy scenes with Nicole Kidman, and what it’s like being crowned “Sexiest Man Alive.” Click play, sit back and enjoy…

Kristen Stewart Says She Gets Bella

Kristen Stewart says how she relates with her character, her experience working with Rob, and some heavy philosophical stuff about life and death.

Heartthrob Rob Pattinson

Rob spills about the surprise that they threw at him for his audition. He’s not sure he wants to go into the business of stunts, but one things he knows for sure is that he doesn?t want to live forever. Why? You?ll have to watch.