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George Lopez Gets Religious

I interviewed George for his latest role Father Salazar in “Henry Poole Is Here” and he told me all about his plans for when he makes it to heaven. Also, he jokes about his potential Oscar for Best Channeler of a Chihuahua in a Major Motion Picture. As you can see, George is still at the top of his game…

Vin Diesel: I Want To Be A Good Dad

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel rose to stardom playing tough guys in action flicks like The Fast and the Furious and XXX. And he?s in for some spills and thrills in Babylon A.D., playing a veteran turned mercenary.

But what?s one more big screen appearance when you?ve just become a father? Vin, whose 24-year-old model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez gave birth to their daughter in April, can?t wait to spill about how much his life has changed.

Q: Some people seem surprised that you have a baby daughter.

A: Yes. I guess it?s because of all the tough guys I?ve put on the screen. People go, ‘You?re a dad? You?re changing diapers? What?s up with the world?’ But someone once told me…

Read more of my interview with Vin…

Behind-the-Photo-Shoot with Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes and Annette Bening

It was so refreshing to hang out with these 3 wonderfully stunning women during the cover photo shoot for Parade, which I should mention will be coming out in your Sunday Paper on August 10. I wrote a more in depth article on the very latest in there lives for the Magazine but this article is a web-only exclusive that you won’t get in the paper. So while you’re browsing around the net, head on over and check it out now!

Here’s a little preview:

— ——–
Meg Ryan, Annette Bening and Eva Mendes appear self-conscious, standing tall in stiletto heels and designer outfits as they pose for their PARADE cover shoot.

What I’m witnessing in a room full of star power is hardly diva-like behavior. The co-stars of the new movie, The Women, in theaters September 12, are having an informal reunion; having worked closely for months, they are relaxed together, and the girls’ real selves come peeking through their legendary images.

“Meg, your bangs are in your eyes,” Eva calls out.

“Look at those shoes Annette is wearing,” Meg says.

“They’re amazing, but how could any one really walk in them?” Annette responds.

“We’ve got to get serious ? stand up straight and suck it in,” Eva directs.

Full article…

Also, here’s a few photos from the shoot:

Photo Shoot Slideshow

Paris goes, like, all political…

In case you haven’t heard, Paris Hilton released a video response to John McCain’s recent attack ad on Barack Obama in which he uses her to mock Obama’s recent celeb-like attention. Well, my colleagues at ABC news asked me to give my two sense on her performance- er, I mean…political campaign and energy policy.

Jeanne on O'Reilly Factor with Laura Ingraham

I went on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss the new ad campaign launched by Senator John McCain that compares Senator Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

You can see what happened in this clip: